A Cure for Wellness (2016)

A Cure for Wellness is an old-school, Lovecraftian gothic horror picture that comes directly from the addled mind of Gore Verbinski.

The mad scientist here, Dr. Volmer, is played by Jason Isaacs, and he’s the demented director of an alpine sanatorium built on the cremated remnants of a spooky castle.

That includes Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), a young Nicorette-chomping Wall Street stockbroker who looks as though he’s only moments away from finalising the biggest financial deal of the century or dropping dead at his desk.

With his sunken eyes and twitchy demeanour, he’s in dire need of a spa day – which is just as well, because the executive board of his brokerage firm despatch him to Switzerland in order to retrieve their CEO, Pembroke (Harry Groener), in time for a lucrative merger.