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Review – The Emoji Movie

What’s this?

Surprising absolutely nobody, The Emoji Movie is an insulting travesty without a shred of wit, intelligence or worth; a shameless, unfunny slab of advertising that exists entirely to slobber all over the shiny corporate cock whose limp spurts of digitised ejaculate droop from the movie’s saccharine façade like the tears of all those parents who were dumb enough to buy tickets for their children to see it.

Having said that, it did surprise someone: Dan Hart, my very own colleague here, who insisted live on air that The Emoji Movie would secure a Tomatometer score of over 50%, and even bet ten pounds of Her Majesty’s finest sterling on the matter. I can’t get back the 90 minutes I spent watching this appalling aberration, but at least I’m up ten quid.

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Opinion – Be your own critic

I have enjoyed watching films for as long as I can remember. The reason why I decided to review films is because through critiquing, I feel that I can understand them better, and through that understanding I can tell people how good or bad that film is.

There was a time when I used to walk to the cinema, watch one (sometimes two) films, sit in a coffee shop, write my review and then go home. Before I did all this, I used to research how well the movie was doing critically and get a sense of the buzz via social media. The cycle in my mind was working because I got a feel of people’s different perspectives, and when I gained mine I found the entire scenario interesting. That is, until recently.

In the past couple of years, I have found reviewing films way more frustrating than ever. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy it, and any excuse to escape and find time to watch a film. However, I am becoming much more aware of reviews sounding all too similar, and offering the same score. It is almost like if the first cluster of critics come out and say the newly released film is good, bad or average, then the next cluster of critics follow suit, and so on. I find that the growing habit of following the trend in the critical community is on a major incline, to the point where I do not find it as fun to read a review or have the conversation with a critic before watching a movie.

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