Podcast Diary Entry #7

In the last entry, I gave the unfortunate news that Laura ended up back at the hospital. Since then she has fully recovered from her post-maternity infections and we seem to have new-born baby Zach into a routine. If you can call it a routine. Basically, we get to sleep now and again to keep us sane.

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Podcast Diary Entry #6

I would like to say this week has been easy, but that would be a lie.

We did manage to record our podcast episodes, with Zachary hiccuping in the background, which was very amusing but difficult to edit out. Unfortunately, Laura ended up back in hospital with a post-maternity infection, but everything is good now. It’s been a very difficult week but we are back as a family looking after our little boy so everything is all good.

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Podcast Diary Entry #4

If you’ve been listening to our podcast or seen my Twitter then you should know that me and my partner Laura are due to have a baby, and that will be happening this week. Recently, with each episode recording, I’ve admired how Laura powers through despite the uncomfortableness pregnancy brings. As you can imagine, sitting for 2 hours in an upright position recording a show whilst heavily pregnant cannot be easy.

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Podcast Diary Entry #2

Since my first diary entry, we have been very busy. Ready, Steady, Cut! is now at full throttle which you can probably tell by just looking at our Twitter accounts. This week we have finished recording our podcast mini-series on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. If you have known about us from the beginning you may have listened to our Lord of the Rings trilogy episodes but we’ve definitely enjoyed talking about Batman more. Maybe that’s because each film in the trilogy is uniquely different for good and bad reasons.

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