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Hello, and welcome to Manpreet’s Magical Muses and Much More – or, for short, Snap! an on-going feature I’m kick-starting here at Ready, Steady, Cut! showcasing my own photography as a ceaseless barrage of views from my very own hands and eyes. With each post, I’ll be presenting another of my photos, with brief and random ramblings to accompany said photo – be it an update on my life at the time, a bit about my thoughts and feelings on the photo and my experience capturing it, or something else altogether. There’ll always be tid-bits and strings connecting each post in some form or another, though, through personal themes or updates or whatever else.

But before all of that, it only seems appropriate to provide a brief introduction to myself first – I’m Manpreet Singh. You may already know me from such posts as my Examiner 2018 Calendar Competition, my review of Peter Jackson’s Braindead as part of our 31 Days of Horror feature, and, of course, my brief cameo as the illusive murderer, Man Preet, in an episode of Inspector Morse. And if you’re having to ask yourself whether one of these three examples is made-up, well, then you’re more gullible than my twin brother, Gulliblepreet.

Anyway, keeping on track – I’m a 26-year-old human with a love of photography and all things beautiful, be it a sunset on a summer evening or a snow-capped top in the midst of a bountiful bunch of Canadian mountains. Whilst my current living situation has provided countless opportunities for some beautiful scenery, my upcoming life plans will pave the way for some truly special stuff. I’m an ex-healthcare assistant at a mental health centre but recently quit my job for more scenic pastures, so I’d recommend sticking around if you 1) like photography, and 2) are curious as to where on this earth I’ll be providing such scenery from.

And that’s me in a nutshell in my present state. Everything around me is mostly unwritten as it stands, with no one clear direction – but one thing I know for sure is I’ll have a camera in-hand and a keen eye, ready to capture it all.

Examiner Calendar January..jpg

I thought it’d be fitting to introduce this new feature with one of my recently successful photos. Aptly titled, Shrivelled Sunset – due to the decayed leaves and generally  dead and winter-like feel, complemented by the setting sun – this one was my first entry into the Huddersfield Examiner 2018 Calendar Competition, and was chosen to be featured as their photo for the month of January. It features part of a landscape from my local park – Greenhead Park – a place I often trawl through, be it for a photo-taking session or to clear my mind and enjoy everything it has to offer (combined with some good music of my own choosing, of course).

Taking and editing photos is my biggest and most enduring hobby. I’ve often found it difficult to maintain interest or motivation when it comes to sticking with my passions and hobbies – and photography is the most successful one I’ve happened upon, and is something I’m certain will stick with me throughout the rest of my life. I just can’t ignore a good view.

Stick around for more – there’s plenty of it to come.

Manpreet Singh

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Featured photograph taken by Manpreet’s sister and edited by himself.



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