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Mr. Sunshine episode 8 continues to ride on the momentum of the previous episode, tightening the dilemmas on certain characters.

After an unbearably tense ending to the last episode, Mr. Sunshine episode 8 kicks off proceedings with the stand-off between the three warring men. What was once formal is now out in the open, with Eugene not accepting any threats with Lady Ae-sin in the middle. Hui-seong looks conflicted, given his family’s past of wronging Eugene. Meanwhile, Gu-Dong Mae continues his usual formality of being the aggressor on the streets, adhering to Japanese problems.

Mr. Sunshine episode 8 serves as a unique turning point for Eugene. The Emporer of Korea becomes interested in the Acting Consul of the American Legation and invites him to his palace to seek an understanding of America’s position on the Korean empire. This is solely because he is ex-Korean, thus a likely foe.

Unfortunately, for Eugene, this opens up old wounds and he distances himself from the politics and tells the Emporer that he is an ex-slave of Joseon. This could possibly answer that fate of Eugene, who will now be suspected to not sympathise with Joseon. This moment also highlights Eugene’s persistence in this situation and the level of his personal aggravation against his place of birth.

Eugene will have to make a decision that will involve his love for Lady Ae-sin, who becomes slightly sidetracked in Mr. Sunshine episode 8, with her Noble family concerned about her wellbeing because of the skills she is learning, which usually involves a gun. Ae-sin looks just as conflicted as her romantic counterpart, mulling over the details that happened with the violent ending of episode 7.

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All remaining outcomes outside of the love square seem to hang on the balance of the bank deposit certificate, which could bring demise to Joseon. Only Eugene knows where this certificate is which he dirtily hid away in a pawn shop. Mr. Sunshine episode 8 doesn’t improve the position on this “missing” certificate, but paranoia seems to be growing with all those involved. One of Eugene’s flaws is that he repeats on various occasions that his help is only, “delaying Joseon’s demise” – displaying the flagrantly obvious dilemma he faces.

Mr. Sunshine episode 8 ends with thrilling action scenes like the previous, allowing it to be an acceptable extension of the best episode so far. Lady Ae-sin is adamant that she should aid the efforts to help the woman who was ragged by her hair in the last episode by the Japanese soldier. She mounts the streets of Joseon again, with similarities to Assassin’s Creed. Her continued involvement in violent activities leaves her continuously at risk to be exposed as Gu-Dong Mae gets a slight glimpse of her, but not a good enough view to accuse her of being essentially a caped hero, scouring the streets of Joseon. By the end, Ae-sin ends up in the same room as Eugene, both recognising the violent risks their partnership is enduring.

Mr. Sunshine episode 8 does not reach the heights of the previous instalment but it does continue the story in a bold manner, making sure each character has something relevant to do.

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