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‘Sisters’ (2018) | Netflix Original Series Review Doing it for themselves

Netflix Original Series Sisters - Netflix's Sisters - Review - Australian Series


Netflix Original Series Sisters tells the story of three women learning that they are sisters in a character-driven and well-balanced plot.

Netflix Original Series Sisters perhaps unsurprisingly follows three women who find out they are sisters. Julia learns that her Nobel Prize-winning father, who specialised in reproduction science and built an empire based on his expertise, used his own sperm in a number of IVF treatments. When I say a number, I mean hundreds; the guy has broken many laws.

As serious as this sounds, Netflix’s Sisters frames the story as a light comedy drama; with Julia’s father on his supposed deathbed revealing his confession, which has got the media all riled up outside their house. As a concept itself, the Australian series serves up many opportunities to learn about different characters, who have been brought up differently, not realising their true identity. Sisters is strong at character building, easily persuading you to binge watch from the first episode.

Netflix Original Series Sisters - Netflix's Sisters - Review - Australian Series

The core sister, the one who has been caring for Julius (the father responsible for all this), is the first sister we are introduced to; caring for her dying father has obviously taken its toll and she needs a new wave of excitement. In the first few opening scenes, she throws a man into a bar’s bathroom for sex after pretending it was a serious date. The second sister is Roxy, a star in the making of a children’s TV programme, eager to overcome her parent’s pressures and personal issues with drugs. Her eagerness to put space between herself and her parents is obvious; as soon as she hears she may have a different biological father, she immediately distances herself.

The third sister is the most interesting one – Edie. Her opening scene begins with a therapy session with her husband, in an attempt to save her broken marriage. She has to describe to him what makes her dispassionate in the bedroom, much to the displeasure of her husband in front of a suspiciously quiet therapist. Edie also works at the same law firm as her husband, that specialises in cases of a medical nature, which is where the story ties in. Netflix’s Sisters has brought together three women, from three different walks of life, providing a scenario that affects them in non-comparative ways. It’s brilliant.

And Sisters is not your usual generic-feeling Netflix series that gets released on a monthly basis; the performances and writing are meticulously well-balanced, to the point that as soon as you are introduced to Julia, you realise you are in good hands. The series follows a sensible structure as well, unlike last week’s Take My Brother Away, with the first episode being nearly feature-length and the rest that followed it only 45 minutes. I cannot describe how painful it is commentating on series’ recently that produce over hour-long episodes for a 22-episode season. We live in times of many TV shows. We haven’t got time for that.

Netflix Original Series Sisters - Netflix's Sisters - Review - Australian Series

The factor that is most enjoyable in Netflix’s Sisters is the forced need for all these siblings to try and connect to each other, even though they were not part of each other’s lives previously. It is alluring and endearing to witness the three lead sisters try and form a sisterhood, even though it comes with new sibling-like disagreements and reckless thinking – it’s a vicious circle of confusion, comedy and relationship building that comes across well on the screen. It must be difficult to comprehend having a sibling all of a sudden.

Netflix Original Series Sisters is only 7 episodes long, which in today’s terms is not long at all. I guarantee that after the first episode you will be tempted to allow the timer to run down. The Australian series is nothing particularly special or groundbreaking but it understands workable characters that engage with the audience, and has a great story to accompany it.

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39 comments on “‘Sisters’ (2018) | Netflix Original Series Review Doing it for themselves

  1. Elle Lieberman

    I LOVED this show. Hoping there’s another season coming soon. Addicted.

    • Lemmiel M. Winborne

      i really loved the show. my one and only regret is that it was only 7 shows long. After it ended i instantly hungered for more. I just hope the series is renewed.

  2. Joan PAtch

    I agree. I hope there’s another season. Wonderful acting and characters.

  3. This Netflix Original is phenomenal. I would watch more, without hesitation !!!

  4. Just binge watched this show. Love, love, loved it. Roll on season 2.

  5. Any info on the opening song?

  6. Deb Hunter

    I loved this show. I do hope there is another season. The sisters were so believable in how close they grew as different as they are. I binged on it and am hoping another season comes soon! Please?!?!

  7. Princess Kimbrough

    I am totally hooked on this series. I loved the characters and how they truly draw you in. I am really looking forward to a second season of this lovely series. Please make more. Don’t let this show get lose and passed over for a second season please, or I just might have to move to Australia in hope of being able to watch a second season of “Sister”. Netflix, you made an excellent choice in selecting this series.

  8. Just binged watching Season1 – Netflix please green light Season 2! Loved it,

  9. Omg I loved it! Binge watched it. How do we find out if there will be another season?

  10. Patricia Loewy

    Love the show! Where is season 2 lol?!?!?!

  11. I LOVE this show! I need more episodes now!

  12. Took me awhile to get into this series, but now I love it. Hoping for a season two.

  13. Love it. I want more.

  14. Maria T Loera

    I love this show the sound tracks are amazing!

  15. Silvia Elias

    Well done character development and story line. Binge watched in two days and was sorry there were no more episodes. Feel empathy for the characters, particularly for Julia, who was left wondering whether she was her father’s biological child at the end. Please continue this series. It is enjoyable and too well done to leave aside.

  16. Judy Hartzok

    Loved this show! One of my favorites I’ve watch d on Netflix. I truly hope there is a season 2, 3, 4……

  17. Tina Anderson

    Loved it!! Watched it all in one day, now I’m bummed there is no more. I hope there are new seasons.

  18. I love this show. It’s funky and different. Love the characters

  19. Seriously loved this series. Fantastic actors and interesting storylines. Season 2 please! Stream it everyone!

  20. Wonderfully acted with an original storyline.

    The only thing that bothered me was the “Julia”and “Tim” situation.
    I felt that if Julia was going to be with someone, it should definitely be “Karl”.

    “Tim” left “Julia” for her childhood best friend whom he eventually married. He only began showing interest in “Julia” after his marriage began failing. He also showed up at “Julia’s” house unannounced after discovering his wife’s infidelity.

    I know it’s only a t.v. show but I’m sick of writers and producers that keep portraying women as these all-forgiving weak-hearted individuals who are still pining after their former flame.

    In real life, only a foolish woman with little or no self-esteem would get back together with a guy like “Tim”!
    An intelligent woman would forgive but definitely not forget and she would pursue a relationship with another like “Karl”.

  21. how do you watch on Netflix it is not showing up at all.

    • First and foremost, you need to be a Netflix subscriber.
      Once you are, just click on “originals” or type the show title in the search box.

  22. I loved this show I hope there will be more

  23. omgosh when is the next episode/season. I cannot wait and I am not finding any information on the dates.

  24. Totally loved Sisters…very enjoyable & wanting more from the series. Please bring on season 2

  25. Love, love, love this show! Binge watched it and now I am sad because I got through them all. Season 2? Please!! With more than 7 episodes would be great.

  26. Loved loved loved it… so funky fun and emotional. Please lots more soon!!


  28. More, please! I cannot wait for season 2! It will take too long!

  29. Barbara Tikkanen

    i TOO, LOVED this show. When will season 2 be along?? Please!!

  30. Hope that there will be another season. Character development is superb and believable. Acting is equally good !!
    Want to see more of these characters….

  31. Kathleen O'Connell

    Love Love Love Loved it!!!! how long until Season 2???????

  32. Rhonda Lemaster

    I absolutely loved this show!! Please bring on a second season. There’s so much more story to tell!!

  33. I have a weakness for Antonia Prebble and her caracter.

  34. I have a weakness for Antonia Prebble and her character.

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  36. Jean Blaske

    I love this show! It smartly written, it has great characters and in totally intriguing storyline that can go lots of different ways!! Netflix is stupid if they don’t make season 2!!! And it’s way better then 90% of what’s on TV now.

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