‘YG Future Strategy Office’ | Netflix Original Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 5, 2018
YG Future Strategy Office - Netflix Original Series - K-pop - Seungri - BIGBANG - review - Netflix's YG Future Strategy Office


K-pop star Seungri leads in Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office, providing an engaging and funny mockumentary-style series.

Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office is K-pop’s answer to The Office, with the odd awkward glances towards the camera, and a mockumentary style effort to build a narrative. The only difference is I know very little about K-pop, so I had to forgive myself when references flew over my head. Regardless, YG Future Strategy Office is on the mark, with a smart script and quick gags in small bite-sized episodes.

YG Future Strategy Office follows K-pop star Seungri, who is BIGBANG’s youngest member. After embarrassing himself via social media, the chairman of YG punishes the star, making him the lead consultant in the office. On paper, this sounds like a neat promotion but in reality, Seungri has to partake in various entertainment tasks, forcing himself to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Each episode revels in the shallow entertainment industry, presenting the heights an entertainment company has to succumb to in order to keep their stars in the limelight. Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office occasionally switches to an interview-style shot, getting the thoughts of various members of the office. The key to the series is Seungri’s interaction with others, as he adjusts to his newfound role at YG.

Seungri lacks the ability to be self-aware, unknowingly making his colleagues uncomfortable and at times, forgets the social level required to work with people on a professional level. The comedy works almost autonomously, as each gag speaks for itself – there is an awkward moment where Seungri hands out low-value vouchers at one of his restaurants to a popular girl band; the expressions on their faces tell the whole story.

I imagine if you are a K-pop fan the comedy will feel more enhanced and the references will amuse fans further. Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office is designed to be built on your knowledge of the industry, leaving unaware viewers clinging onto aspects of the comedy and scratching their heads.

YG Future Strategy Office is only eight small episodes and joins American Vandal in their minor mockumentary category. The Netflix series is worth the commitment and regardless if you are a fan of K-pop star Seungri, you will be amused.

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