Sex/Life Season 2 Review – an indictment on modern day relationships

March 2, 2023 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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Sex/Life Season 2 is a stronger case study than its predecessor, bringing a trial-by-jury assessment of modern-day relationships.

After a long wait, we review Netflix’s Sex/Life Season 2, which contains no significant spoilers. 

At one point, it was easy to think we would not get a Season 2 of Sex/Life. While I haven’t delved into the reasons for the long gap, it would not have been wise for Netflix not to extend this story. After all, the dramatic erotica genre is instant sensationalism and mass audiences. 365 Days is a defining example. 

The second season of Sex/Life comes at a strange time. During the almost-forgotten pandemic, family and togetherness became paramount to people’s lives. Monogamous relationships looked ideal over modern, polyamorous lifestyles. 

And the debate is rife on social media, with various influencers, relationship coaches, and important figures highlighting the pros and cons of marriage and the traditional nature that comes with it. 

Sex/Life Season 2 is a stronger case study than its predecessor, bringing a trial-by-jury assessment of modern-day relationships.

Sex/Life Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

Billie (Sarah Shahi) has to embark on a new reality. One where family within marriage may not exist. She has to beholden a life of a separated mother in the dating world after having it all with another man. What does it mean for a modern woman that idolizes a world filled with choice and thrills? Is the grass truly greener on the other side? Billie is a far more complicated and layered character than we imagined. She represents many relationship problems. 

Of course, there’s Cooper (Mike Vogel) too. A man so emasculated by his failing marriage that he becomes the very thing he feared. Many can mistake Cooper for giving that “nice guy syndrome” energy. But is being the nice guy good for marriage? Is it a factor in divorce? There’s a case to be made that Cooper has mistaken being the nice guy as a replacement for being the good guy. And there’s a marked difference. Sex/Life is a tragic watch for this character. The series brings the downfall of failed masculinity. 

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We, of course, cannot forget Brad (Adam Demos). After his genitals were revealed in Season 1 and women fawned over him, there was a stark reminder that Brad is the man that every woman would love to fix due to his natural manly demeanor and BDE. A man that can provide pleasure, masculinity, security, and possible life. But the word “possible” is important. Brad is a man that has no control over his inhibitions. He craves the past but does not understand how to turn from boy to man. Sex/Life Season 2 shows how failed masculinity can appear in various forms. While Cooper has it all but fails to lead his marriage, Brad can have it all but self-sabotages. 

If anything, Sex/Life Season 2 tries to invoke the importance of balancing divine masculine and feminine energy. While many viewers will be enticed by the sensationalist storylines, there are plenty of themes that are representative of society:

We no longer know how to have healthy relationships in a world filled with too many choices.

Season 2 also delves into subplots as well. New flames emerge, providing other relationships for our characters. For instance, Sasha prides on the “independent woman” trope battling with true love and what it means for her image. Again, another theme is significant to western views.

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Is Sex/Life Season 2 good?

Of course, Season 2 brings some steamy sex scenes. It does not betray the demographic by watering them down. But after seeing plenty of erotic films and TV, it’s easy to look under the layers. There are undoubtedly many layers in Sex/Life Season 2. 

What did you think of Sex/Life Season 2? Comment below.

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1 thought on “Sex/Life Season 2 Review – an indictment on modern day relationships

  • March 3, 2023 at 4:45 am

    The Billie character is a woman with overwhelming mental issues. She only values sexual gratification. She knows nothing about the real love associated with a meaningful marriage. Actually a sex Pervert of sorts. The success of the series only shows the moral decay in relationships of today. Without the sex scenes, it would have had far less viewers. You have to remember, sex sells today. That is why p**n is a major business today.. I thought the plot was poorly thrown together. It only shows that Billie desired her own sexual gratification over true happiness. Frankly, she was the ” cheater ” in her marriage, without any regard for the feelings of her partner. Her past life not starting till 2:00 am pretty sums up the Billie character in this series.

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