Do Billie and Brad get together in Sex/Life Season 2? Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 29, 2024)
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Do Billie and Brad get together in Sex/Life Season 2? We explained the complicated relationship and other talking points from Season 2.

At the end of Sex/Life Season 1, audiences were left on a painful cliffhanger. Billie gave in to her desires and went to see Brad while Cooper tracked her smartphone, angry that his wife was about to cheat on him. Season 1 ended with that plot point, and viewers wondered if Billie and Brad would sleep together again and cheat on her husband, Cooper. At the start of Sex/Life Season 2, the answer to the burning questions was immediately presented. We have broken down the key talking points of Billie and Brad’s relationship in Sex/Life Season 2 and some theories.

What happens with Billie and Brad in Sex/Life Season 2?

In Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 1, it’s confirmed that Billie and Brad are separated. While many will assume that Billie left her husband Cooper, it turns out that Cooper took the initiative to end their marriage as soon as possible.

However, in a shocking twist, it is revealed that Billie and Brad do not get together at first or sleep together again. When Billie visits Brad in New York, he rejects her sexual advances. Brad tells Billie that he has started a relationship with another woman – a beautiful model named Gigi. This makes sense; Brad does have that luxurious lifestyle that would lead to meeting gorgeous fashion models. Billie is devastated as she planned on leaving her husband for a life with Brad.

Billie returns to Cooper, but he knows she went to see Brad. Billie attempts to reconcile for the sake of their marriage, but it’s over. Cooper cannot overcome the pain caused. By the end of Season 2, Cooper and Billie divorce.

The rest of Season 2 sees Billie trying a new relationship with Majid in New York while Brad plans a family with Gigi, who is pregnant. As for Cooper, he leads a degenerate lifestyle; drugs, alcohol, and plenty of women.

Do Billie and Brad get together in Sex/Life Season 2?

By the end of Sex/Life Season 2, Billie and Brad get together again. Fans of this couple (in the TV show and real life) will be overjoyed that they finally get together, though some will still be questioning the life choices of Billie and the other characters. Fans may also be disappointed that we never see Billie and Brad sleep together again in the present day. However, several flashbacks throughout the season show them enjoying steamy intimate moments.

Billie and Majid were not compatible. By episode 6 of season 2, Majid tried to take on the stepfather role for Billie’s son, Hudson. However, he messed up and ended up losing Hudson, which led to Billie, Cooper, and Brad looking for him in the city. After this, there was no going back. Majid and Billie broke up.

Following this, Cooper cleaned himself up and got together with Emily while Billie enjoyed her single life. Meanwhile, Brad raises his young baby boy with Gigi.

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But, in the end, Brad and Gigi did not work out. Gigi left Brad due to his career downturn. Brad shows up at Sasha and Kam’s wedding and tells Billie they can be together. It’s a fairytale ending, leaving fans wondering if there even needs to be a new season of Sex/Life, with theories circulating of what could happen next.

What did you think of Billie and Brad getting together? Have you got any theories? Comment below.

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