Sex/Life Season 2 Episodes 3-5 Recap – are Brad and Gigi married? And Do They Have A Baby?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 2, 2023 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)
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Sex/Life Season 2 Episodes 3-5 Recap
Sex/Life Season 2 Promotional Image (Credit - Netflix)


Season 2 has plenty going on as the chaotic drama continues.

At this point, the divorce of Billie (Sarah Shahi) and Cooper (Mike Vogel) is tragic as we reach Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4. It’s the typical indictment of the breakdown of modern marriages in society. “Wanting more.” “Needing more.” But it is simply not that simple. So far, Sex/Life Season 2 has shown how the grass is not relatively greener on the other side. Sometimes, having it all means compromises. Season 2 has plenty going on as the chaotic drama continues.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Majid and Billie express that they love each other

Darius Homayoun as Majid (L) and Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly (R) in Sex/Life Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Season 2, episode 3 opens with Billie enjoying passionate sex with Majid. Billie narrates about the hope of her connection with Majid turning into something special. She’s enjoying a whirlwind romance. Billie and Majid tell each other they love each other as the snow falls outside their window.

They plan to go to the holiday party together. Majid asks if she can come because Brad and Gigi will be there. Billie is adamant that she will be fine because she hasn’t thought about them. We all know Billie underestimates her weakness with Brad.

Kam wants to support Sasha’s career

Kam and Sasha are enjoying their romance. Kam tells Sasha he wants to support her at a career event, but she is unsure. Sasha is evasive, finding his support weird. She’s organized her life in a specific way. However, she accepts she has enjoyed having a man beside her through her triumphs.

And so, the couple head to the work event. The event is called “Independent Woman 4 Life.” She’s interviewed by a journalist as she arrives. She references how she has a great boyfriend that supports her and discusses her relationship with Kam in detail.

Bringing her boyfriend to the work event works against Sasha; social media have started calling her “Miss Dependent.”

Billie learns about Francesca’s relationship with Cooper from her son

While speaking to her son Hudson, Billie learns that Cooper is seeing Francesca and that she has been to the house. She’s furious and heads to Cooper’s work. However, she learns he no longer works at the establishment. Billie rings Cooper instead, but he rejects the phone call. She tries to message him about Francesca, but he ignores it.

Billie finally confronts Cooper face to face, but he is avoidant. Eventually, Cooper learns that Billie is not with Brad. This shocks him. Billie explains that it was “never about Brad.” Cooper realizes that it was about their marriage.  Afterward, Billie tells Sasha that she can see the pain in Cooper’s face, and she’s worried.

Do Cooper and Trina hook up?

Trina tries to get her old job back at the company she used to work for, but her interviewer laughs at her for the lack of knowledge she has about social media. Later on, Trina runs into Cooper, and they catch up. She tells Cooper not to tell Devon about her job interview. Cooper tells her the company would be lucky to have her, and she seems warmed by his words.

Trina asks Cooper if he ever thinks about “that night at the party.” Cooper confirms he does, giving her a flirty look. The pair decide to meet later, clearly wanting something to happen between them. Cooper cannot help himself.

When Cooper gets home, he asks Olga to take the night off.

Cooper then invites Trina over to his house, and they kiss immediately. Trina notices Billie’s dressing gown, which irks her a little, but Cooper reassures her. Trina takes off her coat to reveal her sexy lingerie. She ties Cooper to the bed and asks him to beg her for sexual favors. But then, his son, Hudson, walks in and sees what’s happening. Cooper panics.

Are Brad and Gigi married?

Billie goes to the holiday party and sees Majid close to another woman whispering in his ear. Majid comes up to her, and they kiss. Billie immediately asks about the woman, but Majid tells her it is one of the investors in her restaurant business. He tells her flirting with the investors is “part of the gig.”

But then, it goes from bad to worse for Billie; Sasha warns her that Brad and Gigi are married. Billie looks at Brad, and she’s immediately devastated. She’s unable to handle her emotions at first. She can’t believe she’s still impacted by Brad. She puts on a brave face and congratulates Brad and Gigi.

Privately, Billie tells Brad that it’s good that he’s married for him and the baby. Brad apologizes to Billie, and it gets more emotional between them. Brad tries to comfort her, but she doesn’t want words of comfort and walks away.

Later on, at the party, Gigi asks Billie for advice on raising children. Billie shares advice on breastfeeding. Gigi tells Billie about how much Brad has embraced family, and it’s easy to tell that it’s killing Billie inside.

Billie tells Gigi to stop talking, gives her one more piece of advice, and walks away, leaving Gigi confused.

Does Majid cheat on Billie?

Billie finds Sasha, and she vents about Brad and Gigi. She’s hurt more because Gigi is a kind person. And then, Billie finds Majid in his office hooking up with the same woman from earlier. Billie storms out, and Majid tries to tell her that his life is complicated.

But then, it gets worse for Billie. Her son Hudson calls her about his father and Trina.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Billie heads to Connecticut and confronts Cooper. She’s disgusted at what he has done with their son in the house. Once Hudson is asleep, Cooper admits to Billie that he messed up. He tells Billie that he misses them two being together as a family. Billie apologizes to Cooper for hurting him. She tells him she wants to work through it and go to counseling. Cooper asks Billie to spend the night, but Billie does not want that and hints that there is somebody else.

Cooper gets angry and tells Billie to leave the house.

Why does Gigi tell Brad never to see Billie again?

Meanwhile, Gigi tells Brad that she can see how hard it was for Billie at the party and for him too. Brad tells Gigi that Billie and he are the past. He reminds Gigi that she is his wife, and he’s happy he gets to spend the rest of his life with her. Gigi turns it sexual, grabs Brad’s hand, and places it between her thighs. They have sex, and Gigi rides on top, her pregnant belly on show. After sex, Gigi tells Brad she doesn’t want him to see Billie ever again. She feels Brad and Billie struggle to be around each other at the party.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Season 2, episode 4 opens with Cooper having sex with another woman at his brother’s apartment. He’s racking up his body count since the separation. The woman goes to NYU — she’s a junior. Cooper learns this, and he’s instantly ashamed of himself. Cooper has to face his brother and his boyfriend and endure the walk of shame. Cooper’s brother questions him and raises how Francesca is worried.

Cooper tells his brother that he had a run-in with Billie. He’s not dealing with the emotional fallout from the split. His brother tells him to deal with his emotional turmoil and minimalize collateral damage.

Why is Brad being sued? 

Billie learns that Brad is being sued for fraud due to his label. She speaks to Sasha about it and is in disbelief — Billie believes Brad is innocent. Billie wants to support Brad, but Sasha tells her to “do nothing.”

Billie believes Brad needs a friend right now. Meanwhile, Gigi tells Brad that she supports him and reminds the man that she is his wife. Afterward, Brad agrees to meet Billie in his loft. Sasha scoffs at this scenario, knowing the inevitable will happen.

Billie meets Brad at his place

And so Billie meets Brad at his place. Billie sees the cot and how the place has changed, ready for a family. There’s a new couch, which Billie notices straight away. Gigi has made many changes. Brad admits he has messed up, but he has no idea what happened with the fraudulent activity. He always thought he could provide for his family. As tears flow down her face, Billie tells Brad he will be a great father.

Brad gently holds Billie’s hands and strokes her face, and then as they are about to kiss, she warns him that he doesn’t want to do this. Brad does want to kiss, but Billie backs off; she knows this isn’t who she is.

Why does Sasha break up with Kam?

Sasha is facing a lot of criticism and being accused of being anti-feminist. She talks to her agent, Mick, about this situation. Mick tells her to break up with her boyfriend Kam so they can continue the narrative of an “independent woman.”

Later in the episode, Sasha visits Kam, and they roleplay the doctor-patient scenario while having sex. Afterward, Sasha tells Kam that they must break up publically, but they will be together secretly. Kam is concerned, believing she is sacrificing her integrity for the brand. He feels her agent is using her.

Kam does not want to cooperate on the narrative that she has agreed with her agent. He refuses to live a lie and asks her to make a decision. This feels like a break-up between Sasha and Kam.

Why does Trina apologize to Billie?

Anyway, after the drama of the last episode, Billie ends up at a spa treatment with Trina. It’s super awkward as they have to rub seaweed on their bodies to remove all the “negative energy.”

Trina feels regretful for what she did with Cooper and apologizes to Billie. She feels ashamed. Trina is envious of Billie and her choices. Billie tells Trina she can make bold choices, too, and offers to help her. Surprisingly, the spa treatment heals the women.

At the spa, Billie admits she visited Brad, and something almost happened, but she has a boyfriend, so she couldn’t. And then, Gigi messages Billie asking to meet.

Do Francesca and Cooper break up?

Cooper tries to talk to Francesca, but she knows what he has done and tells him to leave. Dev is there, too, knowing what Cooper did with his wife, Trina. Francesca wants to humiliate Cooper. He tries to apologize to her, but Francesca accuses Cooper of making her the “w***e of wall street.” Cooper admits it was not just Trina that he slept with, but many other women.

Francesca now believes that he was a problem with his marriage with Billie. She walks away — it’s official; Francesca and Cooper break up.

Why does Gigi ask Billie to leave Brad alone?

Wallis Day as Gigi in Sex/Life Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Billie meets Gigi. Gigi reveals she knows Billie met Brad at the apartment. She believes something happened, but Billie insists she supported Brad as a friend. Gigi calls Billie a ghost in their relationship, and she thinks they are not together because they are having a baby. She is devastated and starts crying despite all the makeup she has on for the modeling shoot.

Gigi tells Billie she had her chance; now it is her turn. She asks Billie to let her have her chance with Brad. Gigi wants Billie to leave Brad alone.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

A drunk Cooper gets angry at a bartender for not pouring him a drink. But Emily calms him down, and he’s surprised to see her at the same bar. Emily knows he is getting divorced. She reassures Cooper that the pain of divorce is normal. Cooper feels like a fraud and thinks he’s not the man he thought he was. Emily tells Cooper that she knows his heart. She expresses her love for Cooper. Cooper tries to kiss Emily, but she recognizes how drunk he is and tells him it cannot happen like this.

Does Billie give Majid another chance?

Brad cannot stop thinking of Billie and messages her saying how much he misses her. But Billie ends up being confronted by Majid with flowers. Majid admits to Billie that he was desperate for financing, but there were strings attached — to have sex with Crystal, the investor. However, he’s clarified the boundaries with Crystal and asks Billie for another chance.

Billie is surprisingly understanding. She admits she saw Brad. She tells Majid that nothing happened, but it almost did. Majid tells Billie they both have pasts, and it would be naive to pretend they didn’t. Billie invites Majid to her apartment, and they have sex. Majid tells her he will do anything sexually for her. They head to the fair and have sex on one of the rides.

Do Brad and Gigi have a baby?

Brad learns that Gigi is in active labor at the hospital, and he rushes there. He manages to get there in time. Their baby boy is delivered in a highly emotional scene. They are a family now.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Why does Sasha miss Kam?

Season 2, Episode 5 opens with Billie and Sasha on a jog together, but then they notice Sasha’s latest venture on the billboard. Sasha is more successful forever; she sacrificed love for her career. It soon hits her that she misses Kam, and rather than talking to him about it, she has mindless sex, including threesomes. Meanwhile, Billie enjoys her sex life with Majid.

While celebrating more career success, Sasha runs into Kam and admits she misses him.

Later in the episode, Sasha tells Kam that career success has been good, but it is not the same without him. Kam admits it has been a struggle without her. Sasha holds one of Kam’s hands and kisses it. She expresses her love for him and wants to be with him.

Sex/Life Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Do Billie and Cooper finalize their divorce?

It hits Billie that the day of her divorce with Cooper being finalized has arrived. She recognizes that divorce means failure, a breaking of the vows. Regardless of moving on, it still impacts her. This reminder hits her, especially when she has to reassure her son, Hudson, on the phone. The life she was living is over.

In an emotional state, Billie questions whether her life with Majid is real, but Majid does his best to reassure her. Billie tells Majid that she never speaks about her children with him. Majid admits he has never dated a woman with children before and insists he wants to know all of Billie. He wants to meet her children on Divorce Day (D-Day). This sounds like a terrible idea.

And so Cooper and Billie arrive at the divorce court to finalize the proceedings. Billie narrates how eight years of marriage was reduced to admin. Flashbacks show their beautiful wedding and building a life together. It’s a sad indictment of modern marriage today. In the present day, the judge asks if all reconciliation attempts have been attempted, and Cooper confirms they have. Billie signs the divorce papers, feeling the pain of the moment. Cooper shows no emotion.

After the proceedings, Billie chases after Cooper and hugs him. Billie tells him they cannot judge their marriage by the worst things they did and honor the beautiful moments. Cooper remembers the beautiful moments they had and begins breaking down. He tells her he can’t think about it and walks away. Billie follows, tells him they cannot leave it like this and makes him aware she wants to introduce her children to her new partner, Majid.

However, Cooper is picked up by Dev, who wants to celebrate the divorce and party. Cooper bows out of the conversation and joins Dev. Dev gets out the cocaine and offers it to Cooper. He sniffs it, and they drive away.

Billie meets Brad’s son, and Majid meets Billie’s children

While out with her children, Billie walks into Brad, who is enjoying the park with his baby son. She admires Brad for being a father. Brad tells Billie that it is the best thing ever happened to him. He also reveals he lost the company due to the fraud accusations, but it doesn’t matter, as being a father is what he loves doing. Billie asks about Gigi, but he’s pretty elusive by simply saying, “she loves her son.” Majid then appears to meet Billie’s children, and it is awkward.

Majid has an instant connection with Hudson, which is heartwarming for Billie.

Cooper parties with Dev, but he is out of control 

Cooper parties with alcohol, drugs, and women in a hotel room. Cooper cannot get the memories of him and Billie out of his head and takes a big line of coke. Cooper grabs a chair and throws it off the balcony. It hits a car on the road and smashes the windscreen. Cooper, Dev, and the women celebrate as they hear the car alarm.

Cooper wants to keep partying, but then he learns that the women are sex workers. He pays the women to party with them all night.

Why does Kam ask Sasha to leave the country with him?

As Kam and Sasha are about to have sex, Kam hesitates and tells her he wants to talk first. However, Sasha wants to be intimate desperately. Kam cannot resist. After sex, Kam tells Sasha that intimacy has never been a problem; he tells her that his organization is expanding globally. He’s leaving the country in a month. He wanted to leave to get over her. Kam asks Sasha to leave the country with him, but she is unsure.

Majid visits Billie’s family home

The family day out for Majid and Billie continues. Majid treats the children to desserts at his restaurant. Hudson wants Majid to watch him play soccer. With the day going well, Majid pulls Billie outside for a passionate kiss, but she reminds him that she cannot leave the children. She asks Majid to stay in Connecticut with them so he can watch Hudson play soccer the next day.

Majid arrives at Billie’s house in Connecticut; dating a separated mother becomes a reality as he sees her in mother mode. Once the children are in bed, Billie asks Majid to join her in the shower. As they go upstairs, Majid sees wedding photos of her and Cooper, but she reassures him that she means to move them. Billie and Majid then have sex.

Cooper crashes a car

Meanwhile, Cooper drives a Lamborghini with one of the women, and he’s driving erratically. The woman keeps on mentioning Connecticut, which reminds him of Billie. Cooper tells her he doesn’t want to talk about Connecticut. He continues to drive faster as the woman winds him up more. Memories of him and Billie rush back to him, and he cries. He ends up hitting Dev’s car, causing a crash. His car rolls over.

In the middle of the night, Billie’s phone goes off. Presumably, she’s about to receive some bad news.

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