Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – why does Cooper cheat on Francesca?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 2, 2023 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Season 2, episode 2 throws more problems at the lead characters as the messy separation is causing issues.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 2, “Georgia on My Mind,” which contains significant spoilers.

So far, Sex/Life Season 2 is going at a neck-break pace as the lead characters juggle plenty of relationship issues. The story of Billie (Sarah Shahi) and Brad (Adam Demos) will always bewilder people. Their chemistry is exceptionally high, so it feels almost inevitable that they will break and sleep together. Season 2, episode 2 throws more problems at the lead characters as the messy separation is causing issues.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Brad cannot stop thinking about Billie

Season 2, episode 2 opens with Billie at Brad’s apartment, and they hook up instantly. Brad tells Billie that they should leave town together. While having sex, they express their love for each other. But it turns out that Brad is daydreaming. Gigi wakes him up in the present day, and she’s changing the apartment to prepare for their baby. However, Brad cannot stop thinking about sex with Billie. He’s distracted. 

Brad heads to Billie’s work. He wants to see her and asks about her and Majid. Billie explains that she has left Cooper and is going through a divorce. She tells Brad she’s happy for him and Gigi. Brad is in disbelief at how he and Billie turned out. Afterward, Brad warns Majid not to hurt Billie.

Billie is confronted by her mother about the separation from Cooper

Billie returns to Connecticut to see her children but is surprised to see Cooper and her mother in the kitchen. The mother is clearly on Cooper’s side, but Billie insists it is her time with the children. Billie’s mother reminds her that the traditional mother provides consistency for children. When Cooper leaves, Billie is lectured by her mother — she tells her that Cooper is a good man and father and she should fight to get him back. 

Billie decides to defend herself, but her mother tells her that her sexual appetite has been a problem since she was young. But Billie refutes that claim and tells her mother she was brought up to feel shame and walks away.

After her confrontation with her mother, Billie rings Majid and tells him they cannot embrace their romance further due to her complications.

Kam tells Sasha that she can have love and a career

Sasha is told by her new agent, Mick, that she can make it to the next level in her career, and she has to think big. Sasha meets Kam at her workplace. She explains to him why she left; she spent 17 years hustling, but she needs to keep on moving to the next stage of her career. Sasha does not believe that they ever do what is best for her, and it’s always best for Kam.

Kam tells Sasha that she does not sacrifice anything and asks her to think about having both – a career and a life with someone.

Sasha’s agent, Mick rings Sasha; he’s secured a book deal, and she needs to pitch to the publisher in fifteen hours. She has to cut her date with Kam early, but he understands it, realizing it is a massive opportunity.

Despite the opportunity, Sasha decides to have some gratification with Kam and brings him into her place to have sex. She feels that 14 hours is enough time to pitch a book.

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Why are Cooper and Francesca fired from their jobs?

At work, Cooper is called in by HR regarding his relationship with Francesca. Cooper is let off scot-free with a stern warning. However, Francesca is fired by HR. Cooper is furious and confronts the decision-makers. Cooper is told that Francesca abused her powers as a senior executive. However, Cooper will not accept their decision; he tells them to fire him instead and convinces them that his relationship with her is real by kissing Francesca passionately. 

After this altercation, Cooper and Francesca have sex. Francesca is overwhelmed and pleased by how dominated and masculine Cooper is. But we must assume that their marriage might have been saved if Cooper had been like this with Billie.

Why does Billie’s mother apologize?

Billie’s mother apologizes to Billie for what she said. She explains that when she was younger, she was branded a “s**t” at school, which is why she holds the views she does. Billie explains to her mother that Brad and Cooper are in the past, and she’s unsure if Majid is her future. She wants her children to see her happy.

Billie decides to meet Majid at his bar, and this time, she has intentions. They share a kiss almost immediately and enjoy the rest of the night together. Romance is high between them. Majid invites Billie back to his place.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Do Billie and Majid sleep together?

Billie and Majid hook up at Majid’s apartment. However, Billie gets nervous when things get intimate. She tells him she hasn’t been touched by anyone but her husband in nine years. But Majid is patient, not expecting anything. Billie appreciates his gentlemanly approach and strips for Majid. Majid strips off too, and they have sex. After they finish, Billie cries — the good sex overwhelms her.

Does Cooper cheat on Francesca?

In a shocking moment, Francesca tells Cooper she wants to marry him. She’s entirely in love with him. Cooper is surprised by this proposal, assuring her he wants the same thing. Cooper tells her he needs time.

Afterward, Cooper is confused by Francesca’s proposal for marriage as he gets them Chinese food. While ordering food, he talks to a young blonde woman who hits on him. Cooper has sex with this woman in the bathroom, cheating on Francesca. He’s a changed man. 

Brad proposes marriage to Gigi

Brad cannot get Billie out of his head and tries to back out of his relationship with Gigi. However, Gigi has her headphones in (so she cannot hear him), and she shows him scans of their unborn baby. This calms Brad, and suddenly he is grounded. Brad proposes to Gigi for marriage in another shocking scene. 

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