Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

March 2, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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If there’s a reminder to avoid divorce at all costs and find common ground for a healthy marriage, Sex/Life Season 2 gives one.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5, “Future Starts Today,” which contains significant spoilers.

We all knew it would reach this stage—the devastating nature of divorce. There’s no doubt that Billie (Sarah Shahi) and Cooper (Mike Vogelneeded to separate, but was there zero chance of reconciliation? Feelings are too intense in these situations, and unspoken words do not surface. If there’s a reminder to avoid divorce at all costs and find common ground for a healthy marriage, Sex/Life Season 2 gives one.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Why does Sasha miss Kam?

Season 2, Episode 5 opens with Billie and Sasha on a jog together, but then they notice Sasha’s latest venture on the billboard. Sasha is more successful forever; she sacrificed love for her career. It soon hits her that she misses Kam, and rather than talking to him about it, she has mindless sex, including threesomes. Meanwhile, Billie enjoys her sex life with Majid.

While celebrating more career success, Sasha runs into Kam and admits she misses him.

Later in the episode, Sasha tells Kam that career success has been good, but it is not the same without him. Kam admits it has been a struggle without her. Sasha holds one of Kam’s hands and kisses it. She expresses her love for him and wants to be with him.

Do Billie and Cooper finalize their divorce?

It hits Billie that the day of her divorce with Cooper being finalized has arrived. She recognizes that divorce means failure, a breaking of the vows. Regardless of moving on, it still impacts her. This reminder hits her, especially when she has to reassure her son, Hudson, on the phone. The life she was living is over.

In an emotional state, Billie questions whether her life with Majid is real, but Majid does his best to reassure her. Billie tells Majid that she never speaks about her children with him. Majid admits he has never dated a woman with children before and insists he wants to know all of Billie. He wants to meet her children on Divorce Day (D-Day). This sounds like a terrible idea.

And so Cooper and Billie arrive at the divorce court to finalize the proceedings. Billie narrates how eight years of marriage was reduced to admin. Flashbacks show their beautiful wedding and building a life together. It’s a sad indictment of modern marriage today. In the present day, the judge asks if all reconciliation attempts have been attempted, and Cooper confirms they have. Billie signs the divorce papers, feeling the pain of the moment. Cooper shows no emotion.

After the proceedings, Billie chases after Cooper and hugs him. Billie tells him they cannot judge their marriage by the worst things they did and honor the beautiful moments. Cooper remembers the beautiful moments they had and begins breaking down. He tells her he can’t think about it and walks away. Billie follows, tells him they cannot leave it like this and makes him aware she wants to introduce her children to her new partner, Majid.

However, Cooper is picked up by Dev, who wants to celebrate the divorce and party. Cooper bows out of the conversation and joins Dev. Dev gets out the cocaine and offers it to Cooper. He sniffs it, and they drive away.

Billie meets Brad’s son, and Majid meets Billie’s children

While out with her children, Billie walks into Brad, who is enjoying the park with his baby son. She admires Brad for being a father. Brad tells Billie that it is the best thing ever happened to him. He also reveals he lost the company due to the fraud accusations, but it doesn’t matter, as being a father is what he loves doing. Billie asks about Gigi, but he’s pretty elusive by simply saying, “she loves her son.” Majid then appears to meet Billie’s children, and it is awkward.

Majid has an instant connection with Hudson, which is heartwarming for Billie.

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Cooper parties with Dev, but he is out of control 

Cooper parties with alcohol, drugs, and women in a hotel room. Cooper cannot get the memories of him and Billie out of his head and takes a big line of coke. Cooper grabs a chair and throws it off the balcony. It hits a car on the road and smashes the windscreen. Cooper, Dev, and the women celebrate as they hear the car alarm.

Cooper wants to keep partying, but then he learns that the women are sex workers. He pays the women to party with them all night.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Why does Kam ask Sasha to leave the country with him?

As Kam and Sasha are about to have sex, Kam hesitates and tells her he wants to talk first. However, Sasha wants to be intimate desperately. Kam cannot resist. After sex, Kam tells Sasha that intimacy has never been a problem; he tells her that his organization is expanding globally. He’s leaving the country in a month. He wanted to leave to get over her. Kam asks Sasha to leave the country with him, but she is unsure. 

Majid visits Billie’s family home

The family day out for Majid and Billie continues. Majid treats the children to desserts at his restaurant. Hudson wants Majid to watch him play soccer. With the day going well, Majid pulls Billie outside for a passionate kiss, but she reminds him that she cannot leave the children. She asks Majid to stay in Connecticut with them so he can watch Hudson play soccer the next day.

Majid arrives at Billie’s house in Connecticut; dating a separated mother becomes a reality as he sees her in mother mode. Once the children are in bed, Billie asks Majid to join her in the shower. As they go upstairs, Majid sees wedding photos of her and Cooper, but she reassures him that she means to move them. Billie and Majid then have sex.

Cooper crashes a car

Meanwhile, Cooper drives a Lamborghini with one of the women, and he’s driving erratically. The woman keeps on mentioning Connecticut, which reminds him of Billie. Cooper tells her he doesn’t want to talk about Connecticut. He continues to drive faster as the woman winds him up more. Memories of him and Billie rush back to him, and he cries. He ends up hitting Dev’s car, causing a crash. His car rolls over.

In the middle of the night, Billie’s phone goes off. Presumably, she’s about to receive some bad news.

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