Sex/Life Season 1 Review – an intensely steamy battlefield that will leave audiences feeling charged

June 25, 2021 (Last updated: March 27, 2023)
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Sex/Life brings a battle of characters; each one representing a different personality in an intensely steamy battlefield that leaves the audience horny and exhausted.

We review the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 1, which does not contain spoilers.

The appeal of Sex/Life is obvious. If you watch the trailer, the steaminess will fog up the windows in your room. A story that bases itself on hot sex, angling itself at the erotica market. Netflix knows what it is doing.

Sex/Life Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

And here is the premise; a beautiful suburban wife (Billie – played by Sarah Shahi) with two children and a well-chiseled husband (Cooper – played by Mike Vogel) appears to have it all. They have the house, the wonderful warmth of a nuclear family, and the husband is making impressive moves in his work. But…deep inside Billie’s body, a feminine desire burns aggressively; she cannot stop thinking about her ex Brad (Adam Demos) — a man who had sex with her in every place (and way) possible eight years ago.

Sex/Life toys with temptation and wonderment. It puts marriage on a pedestal and questions the morality of aching for that desire. In a world where marriage needs more hard work than ever, Sex/Life is the modern-day conundrum; can you enjoy thrills and safety at the same time? Can one partner fulfill all your needs? Is sex an overriding expectation in a long-term partnership? While the divorce rate rises, this series encapsulates the present-day problem.

Of course, Sex/Life Season 1 is overly dramatic and sometimes lazy with its dialogue, but it’s painfully addictive, even when you want to switch off. It leaves nothing to the viewer’s imagination with a plethora of intense sex scenes that puts the efforts of 50 Shades of Grey to shame. The target audience is evident, and the series piles in on the market like a loud wet drum. This is not a series that critics will care too much about, but audiences will crave more for, with Billie as sexily enticing as her dark counterpart Brad. 

Surprisingly, in eight chapters, Netflix’s Sex/Life keeps the story together. I did expect the story to weaken and heavily rely on the sex Billie and Brad had. However, each chapter raises a question; it taps into our instinctive mind; we know what is right and what is wrong, but the series dares the audience to consider the pitfalls and positives of both sides — it persuades us to want the wrong. Many of us have had a person in our lives that are bad for us but sexually charge us with a single glance—the story taps into the very core of that in as many ways possible.

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From a character perspective, Sex/Life brings different representations. Billie presents a woman that enjoyed the freedom of the high life and pushes her future dreams and needs to the present but feels her desires are dwindling due to the non-thrilling life of family, coupled with patriarchal constructs and the urge to enjoy the city.

You then have her husband Cooper, a career-driven man, but succumbs to failed masculinity, believing he has to be a certain way, mostly due to dick-envy, jealousy, and maintaining the sanctity of marriage.

As for Brad, it’s unclear what he represents, and that’s the point — he’s a bad boy, but with a slither of good in him; he’s the man you’d love to change because when it is good, it is so good (coupled with the devil dick). Sex/Life brings a battle of characters; each one representing a different personality in an intensely steamy battlefield that leaves the audience horny and exhausted.

Is Sex/Life on Netflix good?

From an erotica perspective, Sex/Life is as steamy and horny as possible. While some will sniff at it, the genre is the genre. Enjoy people; you are in for a thrilling ride. This is a series that makes you feel wrong but in a good way.

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