Sex/Life season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

June 25, 2021
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With no surprises whatsoever, Sex/Life gets off to a steamy start, highlighting a character that feels sexually starved.

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With no surprises whatsoever, Sex/Life gets off to a steamy start, highlighting a character that feels sexually starved.

This recap of Netflix’s Sex/Life season 1, episode 1, “The Wives Are in Connecticut,” contains major spoilers.

We can already tell this series is going to be super popular. Expect a lot of sex folks — this is going to be a wild ride.

The premiere of season 1 opens up with Billie (played by Sarah Shahi) talking about how she felt free, with a world full of possibilities, especially with Brad (played by Adam Demos). The scene flits to Billie and Brad having sex in the club bathroom. And then, it moves to the present-day, and Billie wakes up — she has a baby next to her. Her young boy Hudson walks and insists she gets up — her life is completely different from her clubbing days.

Her husband Cooper (played by Mike Vogel) returns home. Billie narrates that her husband is perfect inside/out, but she wonders what the problem is; when she tries to engage with him sexually in the bathroom, he does not see the approach. Billie then narrates how many sexual positions she’s been in, with the episode showing Billie in various sex scenes.

“My all-time favorite person.” 

From the beginning of episode 1, you can sense a void in Billie’s life, the kind of void that is difficult to handle in a serious relationship.

Billie narrates that she decided to marry a super squeaky clean man because all her previous men had hurt her. Episode 1 flashes back to the beginnings of their relationship, with Cooper showing Billie showing her a house — she felt like he had been waiting for her. He clearly did everything right, and Billie calls him her “all-time favorite person.” Billie ends the narration with, “I also want him to f**k my brains out. Is that too much to ask?”

Sex during the game 

Lacking attention and sexual satisfaction, episode 1 brings an awkward sex scene between an exhausted couple.

In the present day, Billie entices sex again, and this time it works. However, Cooper is not focusing on her — he’s busy looking at the NFL game in front of him. Billie climaxes early (definitely on purpose) to watch the game and fingers Billie instead. She notices he is watching the game, so she asks him to grab the vibrator. And then, painfully, the vibrator batteries run out of juice, and their baby wakes up screaming. Cooper watches the game, Billie tends to their baby, and narrates again, stating it didn’t use to be like this, and now she’s starved, wanting Cooper to feel “something.” She breaks down when her son Hudson walks into her room and tells her she is beautiful.

Billie wants to feel different 

Late in the night, Billie rings Sasha (played by Margaret Odette) and tells her that she feels different and not herself. She thought she’d love her time with the kids, and she admits she has been thinking a lot about “him,” referencing Brad. Sasha tells her that Cooper is perfect and she needs to appreciate what she has. But Billie says it’s not about Brad, but that she used to be different. She wants to feel magic again. Sasha highlights that Brad is unsustainable, and Cooper will go the distance.

This is ironic advice, considering how this chapter ends.

The wild nights with Sasha

Episode 1 brings the viewers down memory lane, making us understand why Billie feels so starved and craves a man like Brad.

Billie has started journaling her feelings and how she craves that “feeling” again. Episode 1 flashes back to Billie going out with Sasha. They had the wildest nights. Sasha pulls the singer Kossi on stage and gives him a b*****b backstage — Billie catches her, and she leaves her to it. On the way home, Billie is harassed by a homeless man, but Brad intervenes and gives the man money. He offers her a ride home, and Billie is surprised he has found parking in the city. Brad explains that he owns a record company, so he was at the club to look after Kossi.

Brad’s penthouse

Billie tries to figure out Brad’s upbringing, which seems to silence him until he offers her a drink at his place — a fancy expensive penthouse. He shows her the amazing balcony, and Billie is overwhelmed by how her night has turned out. It doesn’t take long for them to kiss. She narrates that she started to believe this could be her life and that she trusted Brad. Billie strips on the balcony before entering the pool, and he joins her; they were intense very quickly, and Billie enjoyed that she was the only person that understood who he was — she misses him.

Cooper finds the journal on the laptop

It then flits to the present, and the drama does not take long to arrive in this Netflix series.

Cooper finds the journal on Billie’s laptop — he grabs her by the face and says, “who the f**k are you” and then passionately kisses her and starts ripping off her clothes — they have sex on the kitchen counter, but then Brad stops briefly, and she tells him to keep going. Afterwards, Billie sees a red mark on her face caused by Cooper. Billie rings Olga and asks if she can babysit the kids for her — she’s feeling emotional and on the verge of a panic attack.

The ending of Sex/Life season 1, episode 1

Billie goes to Sasha’s apartment and tells her she needs a drink. She takes a shot of alcohol and explains that she feels like she can’t breathe. To her surprise, Brad is in Sasha’s apartment, and Sasha tries to calm the situation, but Billie is in complete shock and heads back out.

With no surprises whatsoever, Sex/Life gets off to a steamy start, highlighting a character that feels sexually starved.

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