Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 25, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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With each episode passing, the marriage moves further apart as episode 4 highlights the stagnant nature of suburban marriage and the woes of a personal crisis when life gets serious.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 4, “New New York,” which contains spoilers.

At this stage, we are waiting for Billie (Sarah Shahi) to give in. For her to meet Brad (Adam Demos) and see what happens. But the addictive Netflix series is making audiences wait for now.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 opens up with Billie narrating how she and Sasha did loads of crazy s**t together before their life changed. In a flashback, Billie tells Sasha that she should swap the men they have hooked up with after a party. One of the men uses his tongue good, and the other has a good dick — so they feel it would be selfish not to share. This was their life, “young, dumb and having fun.”

Billie cannot stop thinking about Brad

In the present day, Billie narrates that she and Sasha never had secrets until now. But she feels she has no right to be upset at her, and she shouldn’t have watched her have sex with Brad via video call. Billie wants to talk to Sasha, as watching that video has left her in a complicated place. It’s opened up that box that she thought she’d never open again.

However, before speaking to Sasha, Billie is on tour with the other mothers from the school — it reminds her of the times she had with her best friend and Brad as she walks the streets. In a flashback, Brad got two bees tattooed on his stomach — two B’s (Brad and Billie). They declare their love for each other.

In the present day, Billie noticed that the tattoo parlor is now a cupcake shop. She gets a little emotional that things have changed and starts breaking down with the other mothers about Brad — “I can’t stop thinking about him.” The mothers tell her that it isn’t a crisis and that it happens to everyone in marriage, that lingering doubt.

Why does Cooper warn Brad?

It didn’t take long for Cooper to lose his mind, but he might be surprised by how casual Brad is about being stalked.

Cooper is still stalking Brad, and he eventually confronts him in his office. Brad already knows who he is and that he scoped him out at the gym. Cooper brushes off his text to Billie and says it isn’t a big deal, but Cooper tells him to stay away from his wife. At work, Cooper confides with Dev about his marriage problems and Billie’s journal.

Dev doesn’t see the problem, as she’s “just a horny housewife,” but Cooper raises that she’s the mother of his children. Dev reminds Cooper that he’s hot too. Cooper admits he isn’t into sex as much sometimes and that his dick takes a while to get going. Dev tells him to get over it, and he states he’s forgotten himself — he asks him to go out with him for a night out to get that “big dick energy” back and test the market value with the women who fancy him.

At this stage, Dev’s suggestion is not a bad idea.

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Finally, Billie catches Sasha at work, and she apologizes — Sasha is confused and says she should be saying sorry for having sex with Brad… Billie stops her and says she knows about all the sex as she watched it via video call. Sasha laughs and calls Brad a “sick Aussie f**k.” She’s not upset but tells Billie that she’s playing with fire — she wants her to shut it down — “no more Brad.” She wants Billie to promise, so she does. It was a weak promise.

As Billie makes her way home, she narrates how Brad isn’t a God, but he is impossible to resist. Her friends are nice to her after her outburst earlier and ask if she wants a glass of wine with them. Billie apologizes to them all. Her friends explain how they’ve all had their marriage issues. They tell her to get out of the rut by spicing things up with her husband. But, of course, we all know she has tried that…

Why does Dev set up Cooper and his old flame Em?

Dev takes Cooper out for drinks to build his ego up. Em is at the bar — Dev set all this up. Cooper and Em have history. The drinks flow, and Em has more expectations about the night because she’s divorced and was happy when Dev got in touch about meeting him. Cooper tells her that he and Billie have bumps in their marriage, but she loves her. And then, Dev reveals that his boss Francesca has turned up, who we suspect fancies Cooper; Em kisses him on the cheek as she leaves, and his boss is curious as it wasn’t his wife. The BDE has returned.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Cooper is invited for a nightcap by Fransesca, but he resists and says he will head home. Meanwhile, Brad calls Billie, and she tells him that this has to stop. Brad believes she’s enjoying this and reveals her husband visited him today — he states he protected her. Billie insists she has a life, and they aren’t real. Brad shows his bee tattoos and then his dick, and Billie cannot believe he still has the tattoo that represents them. She’s starting to wonder if Brad is actually a god.

With each episode passing, the marriage moves further apart as episode 4 highlights the stagnant nature of suburban marriage and the woes of a personal crisis when life gets serious.

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