Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

June 25, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 5 ramps up the story, with the worlds colliding, and the possibilities in the story at this stage are endless.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 5, “The Sound of the Suburbs,” which contains spoilers.

Everything feels like it’s leading to the inevitable. But maybe there’s a twist involved. Maybe after all this time, it’s not Billie who gives in to temptation. It’s too early to tell in chapter 5, but it certainly leaves everything in limbo.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 opens with Billie narrating that she dreamed of the glamourous New York, and she wanted adventure and the “happy ever after.” In a flashback, Brad hasn’t spoken to Billie all night at a party, but Sasha tells her he is working with clients. But then Brad gets up on his stage and sings — he hints that the romantic song is about Billie. She’s immersed in it and tells Brad that he should make his own music. Billie knew that Brad had a giant heart deep down. Scenes then show Brad and Billie having sex and Brad performing theCoital Alignment Technique.” In the present day, Cooper tries to use the same technique, but as Billie guides him, he gets frustrated and compares himself to Brad.

Bille talks to Cooper about the journal

And then the argument that was needed arrives…

Billie wants to talk to Cooper about the journal. She explains to a frustrated Cooper that they are only memories (sure). Cooper explains that he knew something was wrong all this time, but Billie explains that she wasn’t being touched and it had been too long sexually. Cooper admits he doesn’t think about sex as much anymore and that he’s learned a whole other side of her, but regardless, he still loves her. However, Cooper feels the journal has become all about Brad, and he’s become a long rebound. Billie tells Cooper she’s not in love with Brad, but she loves him.

Why does Billie suggest a double date?

The conversation turns into an argument, and Billie tries telling Cooper that Sasha is dating Brad. He doesn’t believe her, but she wants to prove it to him and go out on a double date (this is the worst idea ever). Billie speaks to Sasha, who thinks this is a terrible idea (agreed) and doesn’t think it’s good to lie to a good man like Cooper. Sasha finally agrees to the double date but reminds Billie what Brad did to her — “he’s your Kryptonite.”

Ina flashback, Billie tells Brad that she’s late on her period. Brad is blunt about it, wondering what she’s going to do about it. Billie says it’s about “we,” not her. Brad says she doesn’t want this as she’s got two more years left on her Ph.D. and that he doesn’t want it yet. Billie tells Brad that he should have been more careful, and he never is. She gets furious and tells Brad that he runs at the first sign of trouble.

How does the double date go?

And the date arrives, and at this stage, it feels incredibly tense. Waiting for Sasha and Brad at the table, Billie tries to small talk with Brad about the kids, but he doesn’t like that she’s making this normal. Francesca calls Brad and asks if he can come into the city to impress some clients.

But then Brad and Sasha walk in, and Billie suddenly feels flashing memories of her sex with him. The entire situation is incredibly awkward. It’s a normal conversation, or at least at first, but Brad brings up history and how they are all connected. At some point, it becomes a Brad versus Cooper conversation, and Billie tries way too hard.

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We have to give it to Brad; he has the arrogance and confidence to not care about what the other two think on the table and focuses on his prize on the table, Billie.

Billie reveals that she stopped the Ph.D. programme temporarily, and Brad is surprised as it was everything for her, but she explains her priorities changed when she got pregnant. Brad calls her “a full-time mom” and raises she wanted a big life. Billie insists she is really, really happy, but Brad is struggling to wrap his head around it and talks about his experiences with her next to the beach where they were naked the whole time. The memories flood back to Billie, and she needs to go to the bathroom. Cooper tells Brad that he is the type of man that a woman screws in their 20s to get “it out of her system.”

What does Brad talk to Billie about in the bathroom?

Brad joins Billie in the bathroom and tells her he isn’t giving up on her. She tells Cooper that she’s married and he had his chance — “you destroyed me.” Brad claims he’s not the same person he was. Meanwhile, Cooper asks Sasha if Billie and Brad are having sex, but Sasha explains that Billie is going through something, but she loves him (Cooper). Cooper bangs on the bathroom door and enters — he’s angry at both of them — he feels like he’s been treated as a B-grade consolation prize (you have to feel for him at this point). He gets a call from Francesca and storms off. And then, Sasha heads to the bathroom, and she’s disappointed in Billie, reminding her that she gave Brad a million chances and doesn’t want any part of it.

It’s no surprise how the night ends — Brad with Billie, and Cooper out, flirting with the idea of Francesca.

Billie is devastated as she waits outside the restaurant, but then Brad turns up on his motorbike and asks her to get on so he can take her home. Like in all her flashbacks, she lets Brad back in and jumps on the bike. In a flashback, Brad dropped a gift off at campus for her — inside is a note that says, “I’m an a*****e” with a list of baby names — there’s a small baby leather jacket and other clothes.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

In the present, Billie is dropped off by Brad, and he asks if she was writing about him. Billie says she was, but the best parts. As she walks into the house, Brad shouts after her and says, “you have babies now. Can I see them?” Flashbacks show them both looking at a pregnancy test, and it comes back positive. They are so happy about it. In the present, she shows him her kids, and Brad looks emotional and calls her children beautiful, but then he calls her beautiful before walking off, leaving Billie stunned.

Brad is in the city, and he joins Francesca and her group. After the social event where Cooper impresses clients, Francesca hints that she loves him, and as they are about to kiss, she tells him that it’s late. Cooper asks if they can check out the whiskey bar near her place, joining her in the taxi. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cooper is the first one to cheat?

Episode 5 ramps up the story, with the worlds colliding, and the possibilities in the story at this stage are endless.

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