Story recap – what happened in Boo, Bitch season 1?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Netflix comedy series Boo, Bitch season 1 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

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Boo, Bitch focuses on the misadventures of Erika Vu, when she is trampled to death by a moose on the night of her first ever high school party. Erika awakens the next morning to find she has become a ghost and must then complete her unfinished business so that she can leave this world behind and journey to the afterlife. There’s lots of drama and supernatural goings-on to explore in this comedy series. So here’s a breakdown of what happened in each episode of Boo, Bitch season one:

Story recap – what happened in Boo, Bitch season 1?

Episode 1 – “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die”

Erika attends Parkway High School with best friend Gia. She is considering boycotting prom, whilst BFF Gia just wants them to go to at least one high school party before they graduate. Erika changes her mind about the house party once she discovers that her name has been incorrectly written in the school yearbook. Erika Vu has been called Helen Who, a joke that bully Riley started four years ago after Erika accidentally broke Riley’s nose. Erika decides to live her life to the fullest and gets ready for the party. Gia buys them matching necklaces. Erika is a huge success at the party and nearly makes out with her crush, Jake C. He dumps his current girlfriend Riley and gives Erika his number. Gia asks Jake W to the prom and he says yes. The girls head home on a high, but are nearly hit by a truck. Erika wakes the next day to find her dead body underneath a dead moose. She is now a ghost.

Episode 2 – “Resting Bitch Face”

Erika can’t cope with the new realization that she is a ghost, although Gia can see her and touch her still. She heads to a coffee shop and discovers that she can control electricity, sending the lights flickering and destroying a customer’s laptop. Erika and Gia research ghosts. Jake C invites Erika to a hot tub party. Erika and Gia visit the After Lifers club before the party. These paranormal experts tell Erika that a ghost can embody a living human and will have unfinished business before ascending. They believe Erika’s unfinished business is to kiss Jake C. They drive to the party but find Jake C making out with Riley instead.

Episode 3 – “Payback’s a Bitch”

In this instalment, Erika sends an apology text message to Jake C, explaining why she was late to the party. He ignores the message, still unsure whether to date Riley or Erika. Jake C discusses this dilemma with his friends. They tell him that he will ruin prom if he doesn’t go with Riley as they all share similar friendship groups. Jake M plans an elaborate prom proposal and Jake C invites Erika to this gathering. She plans to kiss Jake C at this proposal. Worrying that she will disappear after kissing Jake, Erika starts to say her goodbyes and apologizes to Devon, who was bullied because of Erika’s lies. At the proposal, Erika and Riley become friends. Jake C takes Erika to one side, confused by her latest actions. They kiss and Erika surprisingly doesn’t disappear or die.

Episode 4 – “Bitch Slapped”

Erika and Jake C are now an item, making out everywhere. The kiss clearly didn’t solve the ghostly problem, so Erika and Gia believe the couple have to go to prom together instead. Due to the heat, the moose and Erika’s body are decomposing in the woods. They try to keep them cool with ice. Erika now has the power to create ice with her mind. She buys some more ice bags from the shop as well though. Erika lies to the shopkeeper, saying she’s throwing a party. Jake W overhears and tells everyone. They decide to throw the party anyway at Gia’s house. Gia is annoyed by everyone ignoring her at the party and hides upstairs, where she kisses Gavin. Erika persuades Jake C to go to prom with her. Riley and Erika argue. She stands up for herself and tells Riley to leave. Gia is happy but feels left out.

Episode 5 – “Fake Bitch”

Erika is now the most popular girl in school after her argument with Riley. She becomes a trendsetter and is offered Riley’s old job, being in charge of the senior slideshow. Gavin ignores Gia at school, which upsets her greatly. Erika and Riley become frenemies. A troll is badmouthing Erika online. Erika ignores Gia and rushes the slideshow. The audience boo and cheer during the slideshow. Erika uses her powers to play music and everyone dances. Erika chases after Devon. Gia puts ice on the dead bodies alone, letting Erika go to a family dinner. It is revealed that Gia was the troll and that Erika lied about the family meal, partying with Riley instead.

Episode 6 – “Who Dat Bitch?”

Erika transforms into a mean girl, with new clothes, a new haircut, a new voice and a totally altered attitude. She is now best friends with Riley and makes a popular TikTok video. Erika manages to persuade her whole class to tear up their test papers, because she forgot to study. Gia and Gavin make up and he finally asks her to prom. Erika and Jake C go on a date, but Riley tags along. Gia and Erika argue. Erika asks the After Lifers how to cheat death and thinks she’s found a loophole if she becomes super popular. Erika crashes a prom meeting and convinces the school to cancel prom, causing a riot in the process. Jake C and Erika fall out. Gia and Erika fight, wrestling in the mud. It is revealed that Gia is in fact the dead body under the moose not Erika.

Episode 7 – “Bad Bitch”

In this episode, Gia explains how she tricked Erika into thinking she was dead, by swapping the shoes. Erika feels betrayed and storms off. Erika spends lots of her parent’s money in the hopes of becoming an influencer. Her parents take away her phone and ban her from using the Wi-Fi. Riley and her friends are annoyed about missing prom. Riley has incriminating footage of Erika belittling everyone, which will be played to the school. Erika asks Gia to scramble the footage with her powers. They argue again and Erika realizes that Gia was her troll all along. Gia starts to glitch, fading in and out. Erika apologizes to Jake C about the footage. Gia splits up with Gavin. Gia scrambles the video. Erika is hated by everyone anyway. Jake C breaks up with her. Erika crashes her car into Devon’s. An awful article is written about Erika and she receives lots of hateful comments online.

Episode 8 – “Bitch, Bye”

It is the day of prom and Erika is the most hated girl in school. She apologizes to her parents and realizes that every time she spoke with Gia, no one else could see her. Gia has been missing for a month now. Gavin tells Erika that he knows Gia is a ghost. The After Lifers turn up at Erika’s house and plan to help find Gia, making sure she ascends properly. Gavin, who can only communicate with Gia when he is drunk, tries a séance. Erika is banned from prom, but Devon says he’ll be her plus one. Devon is now super popular because of footage of the car crash. Gia turns up to prom and Erika apologizes to her. Devon is announced as prom king and Riley as prom queen. Erika asks if they’ll let her dead friend Gia be prom queen and everyone accepts. Gia ascends as a ball of light. Erika and Jake C kiss again. Everyone accepts Erika into their friendship groups once more. Five months later and Erika is at college. She has a lava lamp that helps her communicate with Gia from beyond the grave.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Boo, Bitch season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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    Season 1 of Boo Bitch is really interesting and you can really understand it as the episodes go. I recommend you guy should watch Boo Bitch.

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