Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 4 recap – “Bitch Slapped”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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Erika and Gia throw a legendary party filled with teen drama and scandal. It’s another odd installment with multiple plot holes and an unusual, messy look.

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 4, “Bitch Slapped,” contains spoilers.

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Having survived her first kiss without disappearing or spontaneously combusting, Erika happily starts to date Jake C without any repercussions. Gia and Erika throw a legendary party and the best friends try to solve their ghostly predicament once and for all. Episode four, “Bitch Slapped” piles on the drama in another clichéd but, dare I say, entertaining instalment.

Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode begins with a montage of Erika and Jake C making out everywhere they go, from the cinema to an array of high school locations. They seem to have clicked and even though Erika is very much living in the moment, she still seems to be confused by this unfinished business malarkey. Gia and Erika brainstorm ideas as they walk through school, concluding that maybe prom is Erika’s final undertaking, not her first kiss. There’s only one problem, they’d both agreed not to go to prom. Erika must now convince Jake C to change his mind and take her to the dance.

Erika and Gia return to the crime scene and their rotting moose corpse. They worry that her dead body is rapidly decomposing in the heat. This is evident from the moose on top, which is visibly starting to decay. They decide to freeze the bodies, hoping to delay the natural process. Out of nowhere it is revealed that Erika now has the added ability of creating her own ice and freezes the moose with her mind. The writers really don’t seem to understand their character’s magical powers whatsoever, making it up as they go along, with major inconsistencies throughout. Even with this new ability, the friends head to the local shop to stockpile bags of ice instead.

Whilst retrieving some more ice from the shop, Erika lies to the shopkeeper and says she’s throwing a party. Jake W, who Gia invited to the prom as her plus one, overhears this conversation and quickly spreads the news to the entire student populous. The friends decide to throw the bash anyway and max out Erika’s parent’s credit card, creating a winter wonderland themed shindig. Gia hopes to be reacquainted with her prom date at the party, after he ghosted her since the last party. Erika decides to use the party as a chance to sweet talk Jake C into going to prom with her.

The party is filled with odd fashion choices and this bizarre winter theme. Riley is in attendance, sparking scandal wherever she goes. Gia tries to stop the teens from ruining her parent’s house, but is ignored at every turn. Erika ditches her BFF and hangs out with new boyfriend Jake C. Gia is annoyed by the shameless rejection, which only hurts further when her prom date kisses someone else instead. Heartbroken, she hides in her bedroom and meets the odd paranormal expert Gavin for a second time. They make out in her bed, but Gavin prematurely falls asleep.

The ending

Meanwhile, Erika manages to convince Jake C to go to prom with her and they both admit that they’d only said no in the first place to appear cool to one another. The couple are excited to go to the dance together and start to plan their outfit choices. Riley overhears a possible color choice and loses the plot. She screams so loudly that the entire party stops and watches her, rapt by her breakdown. She yells at Erika, saying that she’s ruined prom, stolen her boyfriend and is obsessed with her. Erika fights back and stands her ground. The crowd cheer as she tells Riley that the bully isn’t in charge anymore and she won’t take her manipulative ways any longer. They all chant Erika’s name and Riley leaves. It’s a clichéd moment, but one that delivers some much needed emotion. Gia watches from the stairs, happy Erika has stood up for herself, but sad she feels ignored.

It’s another passable episode, where the heightened drama makes for an entertaining watch. The odd choice of aesthetics and these continued gaping plot holes do distract from the overall production though and can’t go unmissed.

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