Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 3 recap – “Payback’s a Bitch”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode three ditches the supernatural inconsistencies and focuses more on your bog-standard teen drama instead. The students make elaborate prom proposals, and Erika chases that first kiss.

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 3, “Payback’s a Bitch,” contains spoilers.

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Episode three, “Payback’s a Bitch” kicks off only moments after the climax of the second instalment, with Erika still reeling after clocking her crush, Jake C, get back together with his ex, the school bully Riley. In this third chapter, the excitable teens try to outdo one another with elaborate prom proposals, whilst Erika plans her magical first kiss with Jake C, in the hopes of completing her unfinished business. It’s a busy and much improved episode, although things still don’t quite sit right.

Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 3 recap

Erika watches Riley and Jake C making out, remarking that she’s officially gone to hell. Best friend Gia tries to comfort Erika and explains how this situation might have looked from Jake’s point of view. The girls were hours late to the party and Riley probably manipulated the entire setup anyway. They agree to head home and write Jake an appropriate apology text message instead. There’s a funny montage, where Erika tries an array of possible text messages to send, concluding with an extra-long and embarrassing one, which she gingerly sends.

Days pass and Jake C still hasn’t replied. Erika tries to eat her feelings and mopes around the house. She then meets up with the After Lifers and asks how long ghosts can stick around for. Erika wants to know how long she’s got. They inform her that the ghost will remain in the land of the living until their body is finally put to rest, either at a funeral or any other rites of passage they see fit. However, Brad warns her that if the body decomposes before satisfying its unfinished business then the ghost will spend eternity quietly floating about, invisible and directionless. Whilst they chat an excessive prom proposal takes place in the background, one that involves a coffin. School has definitely changed a great deal since I was there.

Jake C tries to discuss his relationship issues with the fellow Jake’s and the painfully stupid Archer. These frat boy stereotypes struggle to have a mature conversation and Jake M states that if he doesn’t go to prom with Riley, then he’ll ruin the occasion for everyone else. Jake C is still vying for Erika’s affections though, but worries he’s left it too long since her last text. Jake M passes on this information to the girls and Riley soon finds out the unfortunate news. Mean girl Riley plans her next move. She invites Erika to another elaborate prom proposal that very same night.

Erika is starting to panic that her time is running out and she needs to kiss Jake C pronto. She nearly jumps at the boy in the corridor, but changes her mind at the last second. Erika worries that once she kisses Jake C her life will be officially over and she’ll never see Gia or her family again. It’s quite a touching notion, one that finally provides some structure to the series. Erika uses the invite as her ultimatum, a last chance to say her goodbyes before kissing Jake C and most likely dying on the spot. Gia and Erika cry in the girl’s toilets, sad that their friendship is nearly over, but excited for the night’s possibilities.

What follows is a quick montage of Erika saying her goodbyes and putting her house in order before her impending doom. She doles out advice to her brother and thanks her parents. Then there is just time to apologize to Devon, a boy who she let take the blame for a fart she did in school. The teen thinks his life was ruined because of her lie and snaps that karma is coming her way. She phones up all the students she can and tells them the truth about the fart. This series can be pitifully unfunny at times and swings for the big laughs on nearly every occasion, although it nearly always falls short in dramatic fashion. These odd, random sequences of events seem rather jarring, especially when Erika and her father decide to get high together in a subsequent scene.

The ending

Erika makes it to the prom proposal and says her final goodbyes to Gia. At the proposal Riley makes amends with Erika and they hug, deciding to be friends after all. Riley says that friends don’t date their exes and Erika agrees to not take Jake C to prom. The jock is confused by Erika’s actions and takes her to one side. Erika tries desperately to kiss Jake C, but her crush needs some convincing. He asks why she ignored him at school and why she’s pushing for him to take Riley to prom. Erika says how she doesn’t believe in prom and has had a crush on Jake C for four years now. The two finally kiss and the street lights flicker above them, but she doesn’t disappear.

Episode three is a slight improvement on the previous instalment, side-lining the supernatural inconsistencies and focusing more on your standard teen drama storylines instead. Erika’s goodbyes feel genuine and heartfelt adding some stakes to proceedings, but the cluttered aesthetics and unusual tone just seem out of place. Maybe this series will garner a cult status, who knows.

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