Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 5 recap – “Fake Bitch”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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Thanks to the unfathomable premise, the plot goes to some strange and random places—an absolute hot mess of an episode that must be seen to be believed.

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 5, “Fake Bitch,” contains spoilers.

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After publically destroying the villainous Riley, Erika is now the most popular girl in school. Her new found popularity leads to many pluses, but also an awful lot of unforeseen drama. Erika tries to distinguish many fires, whilst trying to please everyone in this convoluted fifth episode. It’s the hottest day of the year at Parkway High School and this episode is an absolute hot mess itself.

Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 5 recap

Erika is now Miss Popular and a trend setter within the school. Everyone has started to wear earphones just like she does and people now feel confident enough to stand up to Riley the bully thanks to Erika’s brave speech. She gains her own parking space, her yearbook page is rectified and Alyssa (who is sorely underused in Boo, Bitch) offers her an important new job. With Riley too afraid to show her face at school, there is no one around to complete the senior slideshow, so Erika happily accepts the responsibility, stepping in at the last minute.

Gia finds herself falling for Gavin, but the outcast blanks her in school. She tries to get Erika’s opinion on the matter, but her best friend is preoccupied. This loving friendship is tested to its limits in “Fake Bitch”, with Erika completely self-absorbed. Gia struggles to cope without her friend by her side and continues to feel entirely invisible. Erika worries she went too far with Riley and asks Jake C if she’ll be alright. Jake says she’ll bounce back, no problem, but Alyssa thinks otherwise.

Riley asks to be frenemies with Erika and she accepts. A quick Google search defines frenemies as people who are friendly to one another despite being rivals. This is just a small example of the painful dialogue present in Boo, Bitch. The abbreviations are really starting to irritate now and the constant use of slang is unbearably distracting. The writers are trying so desperately to emulate teenage speech, but it just comes across as annoying and fake. Erika explains to Riley that she’s taken her job and Riley says she isn’t bothered through gritted teeth.

Jake C’s friends all agree that Erika brings more drama than Riley ever did and that Jake is secretly a drama addict. Erika finds out she is being trolled and firstly accuses Riley of the deceit. Riley denies any wrong doing, so Erika blames Devon next. You know, the boy who was bullied because of Erika’s lies, the poor kid took the blame for one of her farts and was from that day forward ridiculed for it. He asks Erika to leave him alone, but she keeps chasing after him in another crazed subplot. Jake C witnesses this unhinged behavior and worries about his girlfriend. She says everything is fine, but the drama just continues to intensify.

At the senior slideshow the crowd struggle in the heat. The event quickly descends into pure anarchy, with Riley being booed, everyone cheering for Erika and Devon being further bullied, as the boys chant ‘stink’ over and over again. Erika explains to Gia that she deserves someone who appreciates her and that she should ditch Gavin. While the crowd bully Devon, she tries to distract them by using her powers to play some music. Everybody then just instantly stands and starts to dance. It’s a ridiculous, unrealistic setup and a real mess of a scene.

With all this drama it is easy to forget that Erika is actually dead and her corpse is rotting in a forest under a dead moose somewhere. Gia reminds her of this predicament and that the heat is going to destroy her remains. She tries to convince her friend to ignore the trolling and ice her dead body instead.

The ending

The friends meet in the forest and argue some more. Gia is frustrated because Erika is ignoring her and fretting over the little, insignificant things, whilst Erika thinks she is actually making time for her friend and always puts Gia first. Gia, feeling rather guilty, lets Erika leave early to go to a family dinner. It’s then revealed that Gia was the troll all along. As night falls, Gia spots Erika driving past, having a whale of a time with Riley, implying that it was all a lie after all.

The ridiculous narrative continues to unravel in this unbelievably convoluted and strange series. The plot holes are mounting and the writers seem happy to throw anything at the production in order to elicit a laugh. It is a real oddity of a series that doesn’t make an iota of sense and just keeps getting messier with each new installment.

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