Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 6 recap – “Who Dat Bitch?”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode six is the most painful yet. A predictable twist, unrealistic characters, unbelievable motives, and many poor examples of a blatant Mean Girls rip-off. This is bad, amateurish filmmaking.

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 6, “Who Dat Bitch?,” contains spoilers.

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Erika and Gia’s friendship has slowly deteriorated over the course of the series. Gia has always been there for her friend no matter what though, even with this crackpot supernatural situation unfolding. But Erika’s new found popularity has distanced the BFFs. In episode six, the friends argue and fight like never before as Erika creates chaos in school and revelations look set to completely alter their lives irreversibly.

Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 6 recap

Rumors start to spread about Erika, placing her as this mythical and powerful celebrity within Parkway High School. She even creates a TikTok dance that blows up on social media. Her new found fame has an adverse effect on the teen though. She starts to sport a new look, hair style and attitude. Even changing the sound of her own voice. It is all inspired by her new frenemy Riley of course and Gia can’t help but question her old friend about this drastic transformation. Five days have passed, since she caught Erika driving with Riley, and they haven’t spoken in all that time.

This new Erika is a vile and selfish creature, which seems so completely off-brand when considering the character’s humble beginnings. She starts to become manipulative, controlling her boyfriend Jake C and forcing the other students to do ridiculous things. It’s a shameless Mean Girls rip-off that takes the narrative into a totally new and absurd direction. Erika manages to get all the class to rip up their test papers, just because she forgot to study. And they all blindly follow her command. It’s a strange and lazy setup, with the writers really missing the mark on this one.

Erika hangs out at Riley’s house where they discuss fashion and popularity. Riley’s step-mother comes in with drinks and the Mean Girls comparisons continue. This is very clearly a homage or theft of Amy Poehler’s uncool mother character. Later, Riley and Erika hang out with Jake C on a rather awkward date. The waiter asks for photos with the girls, who are now apparently famous. Then they just sit there texting one another in another embarrassing exchange. The humor really baffles in this unfunny series.

Gia and Gavin rekindle their blooming romance and he picks up the courage to ask her to prom. She asks Gavin for advice about Erika. He suggests that Gia doesn’t give up on her friend. With these words of wisdom, Gia confronts Erika, saying that she misses their friendship. Erika continues her mean streak though and says she doesn’t have time for her.

A panicked Erika asks the After Lifers how a ghost can extend its time on this planet, wondering if there are any loopholes. The girls state that to become immortal you have to become more famous in death than you ever were in life. From this, Erika believes she can cheat death if she becomes the most popular girl in school – what sound logic. With this insane notion she crashes an assembly dedicated to unveiling the prom theme. She grabs the microphone and rants about the problematic issues with prom. She says they should cancel prom and the crowd riots once more, destroying displays in the process.

The ending

Gia is annoyed by Erika’s totalitarian antics and tells her she’s ruined prom with her selfish ways. Erika explains her loophole, but Gia just thinks she’ll regret this decision. Gia threatens to move Erika’s corpse into the middle of the road. So the two BFFs race over to the crime scene and fight over the body. They roll around in the mud and scream at one another in another unbelievable, amateurish sequence. After a quick wrestle, they finally pull back the body to reveal who is actually underneath that dead moose. The body is Gia’s. Cue the dramatic music. Am I the only one who figured this out episodes ago? Surely not. What an offensively predictable twist ending that everyone must have seen coming.

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