Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: July 8, 2022
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More lazy writing and baffling moments as the students attend prom in this embarrassingly flawed finale.

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 8, “Bitch, Bye,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The miniseries finally comes to an end with episode eight, “Bitch, Bye”. It’s the day they’ve all been waiting for, prom is finally here and the cast of kooky characters prepare for what is sure to be an eventful dance.

Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

Erika wakes in her bed on the day of prom. She thinks about the good times and the bad times that she has had with Gia. It’s as if with the snap of a finger, just like that, Erika has returned back to normal. She apologizes to her parents and they all hug, realizing their daughter is back to her good old self again, as if by magic. Erika’s father sticks around to deliver some more cringe though. In a shameless attempt at irony or is this some self-referential meta commentary, Erika looks at a DVD of The Sixth Sense. Her dad says he saw the twist ending coming and Erika has a light bulb moment.

The self-absorbed teen realizes that every time she spoke to Gia since her death, she would have looked like she was talking to herself. There is an accompanying montage that illustrates just that. There’s even the moment where Erika storms over to Jake C and then retreats, with Erika clearly arguing with herself in the middle of the school corridor. Why did no one ever say anything to her? Nobody questioned this psychotic behavior once, not even her boyfriend. It provides just another blatant plot hole to add to the list. Erika is really losing brain cells fast in this series, she didn’t even consider the implications of Gia’s death. Her father manages to knock some sense into her, stating that nobody has seen or heard from Gia in over a month now.

Gavin texts Erika to inform her that he knows Gia is dead and the After Lifers show up to formulate a plan. This group of misfits have also been extremely slow on the uptake, but are now here to help. The issue is, Gia won’t ascend unless she has fulfilled her unfinished business. Erika believes that Gavin or prom is her unfinished business. If she doesn’t attend then she will remain as a ghost forever.

Gia’s boyfriend, Gavin, tries to communicate with the ghost, who has gone quiet since her last appearance. Gavin’s super powers only work if he’s drunk though, so he starts to neck some alcohol and attempts to connect with Gia. Meanwhile, Erika goes into her best friend’s bedroom and lays out her prom dress, which she’ll never get to wear. It’s quite a touching moment, one that highlights where this series could have gone, had it ignored the madcap comedy and focused more on the human connections. They theorize that Gia has gone to put her affairs in order and give up on the séance.

Jake C goes to prom with Riley as friends and Erika turns up in a red dress on her lonesome. She apologizes to the organizers, but is told to leave. Devon shows up and accepts her as his plus one. These enemies are now apparently friends again, with Devon delivering some inane excuse about Erika making him popular. It’s just another example of lazy writing, where resolutions come effortlessly fast and characters transform at the drop of a hat.

Gia turns up to prom and Erika apologizes profusely. The ghost says Erika is brave for coming to the prom on her own and all is forgiven. Gia then dances with Gavin and the prom king and queen are announced. Devon, who has managed to go from the least popular to the most popular kid instantaneously, is announced as prom king and Riley as the queen. They wear their crowns, but then Erika storms the stage to make her grand speech. She’s booed as she takes the mic, but Devon tells them to let her speak.

The ending

Erika admits that her best friend, Gia, has died and that no one even noticed. She says she’ll miss everything about her and lists some of the good times they shared together. Erika asks that they reconsider Gia as prom queen and the crowd agree, chanting her name. With Gia as the first ever dead prom queen, the DJ starts the party once more and everyone dances. Gia fades away, transforming into a glowing ball of light as she ascends upwards. Her face is then messaged to everyone’s phone screens.

Jake C and Erika get back together, now that it appears she has been fully accepted back into society. These students are seriously fickle individuals, happy to forget previous transgressions and quickly move on. Erika shares some laughs with the After Lifers and the cool kids. The narrative then jumps forwards five months and Erika is now at college. She buys herself a lava lamp, which lights up without being plugged in. Gia continues to communicate from beyond the grave.

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