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Titans races towards its finale with “Koriand’r”, setting the stakes big and spilling welcome secrets about its characters.

This recap of Titans Episode 10, “Koriand’r”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s easy to forget given that we spent the last episode off the beaten path, but when we last left our main cast, Rachel (Teagan Croft) was getting strangled to death by Kory (Anna Diop), who has been sent from another planet to kill her. In “Koriand’r”, a fine penultimate episode, we got to find out why – among other things.

First, though, more Wonder Girl! Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Donna (Conor Leslie) arrive in the nick of time, and Donna whips out the lasso to restrain Kory. I had a similar reaction to this scene as Gar (Ryan Potter), who was suitably awed by the presence of the Amazon. Titans has had no shortage of cool fan-service moments, let me tell you.

Koriand’r, slightly recovered, nonetheless flees to figure her **** out, but Dick and Donna follow close behind. They arrive at a big disused warehouse where Kory’s Spaceship of Exposition is cloaked in stealth mode, and aboard we learn some juicy titbits that’ll shape the rest of the season. Kory is originally from the planet Tamaran, and she’s on Earth because her home world is due to get all kinds of ****** up when a demon from another dimension, aka Rachel’s papa, aka Trigon (Seamus Dever), is able to escape imprisonment using Rachel as a mortal tether. And this is bad news for everyone because his infernal warpath will begin on Earth.

So, that’s a problem. But there’s a more pressing one to worry about at the moment: the prophetic artwork that explains Trigon’s return include a chirpy-looking woman who is quite eager to see her baby father again, which means Rachel’s mother, Angela (Rachel Nichols), is in on the world-eating plot.

Back at the house, then, Angela spends much of “Koriand’r” manipulating Rachel and poisoning Gar, who was already struggling with the guilt of having munched a human being. She also takes a minute to stab to death an old friend of hers who was snooping around; ancient evil demons don’t take kindly to romantic rivals, it seems. “Sorry,” she says, “I’m in a relationship.” Yes, quite.

By this point it has become pretty clear why Angela poisoned Gar; by using Rachel’s affection for him, she can easily manipulate her into summoning her “more powerful” father in order to save him, which she does. Trigon strolls through a mirror like all good demons must, in regular human form, and heals Gar without much fuss. But the house is now surrounded by a weird forcefield, and when Dick, Donna and Kory return to help, only Dick manages to make it through. What kind of nightmare fantasia is he going to navigate in the finale? Will he finally become Nightwing? Time will tell.

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