Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 11, 2019 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Netflix Series Sex Education Episode 7 Recap


Sex Education episode 7 is all about love and regrets, as the characters’ choices and search for identity comes to the fold.

This recap of Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Sex Education Episode 7 offered many highs and lows, as the characters are starting to understand their feelings, and ultimately who they are as a person. There is no clinic story as such, but the main plot point is the School Dance, which means the odd over the shoulder glance and a night of regrets.

I have not mentioned Adam (Connor Swindells) much since Episode 1, the student whose father is the headmaster of the school. He has been ever present in the story, feeling depressed about his inner self, which still hasn’t come to fruition. His relationship with his father begins to boil in Episode 7, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck claiming he hates him, with Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) looking on in shock; seemingly he has figured something out about his enemy.

Speaking of Eric, he finally crosses a bridge in Episode 7 after bumping into an older black male, dressed up in extravagant attire. Eric realizes that to be himself; he must also love his family, so he embraces church, and then welcomes himself, attending the School Dance in the outfit he wants, with his father feeling proud of his fearless nature.

Netflix Series Sex Education Episode 7 Recap

As for Otis (Asa Butterfield), Sex Education Episode 7 offers a slight misstep for the character, as he attends the School Dance with the girl (Patricia Allison) who crushed on him a couple of episodes ago. Maeve (Emma Mackey) in the act of jealousy, tells this girl that Otis is inexperienced, forcing his date to question whether or not Otis has dated Maeve before. Otis wildly says Maeve is in a different food chain, a lion, and called her a goat.

Now I know Otis did not mean it in a mean-spirited manner, but he played a dumb card there. His moment comes though, as he stops a kid from trying to kill himself at the dance in front of the school, preaching about loving someone who does not like you back, with Maeve looking on sparkly-eyed.

Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) picks up on the vibe, drunkenly telling Maeve that he paid Otis for advice to get into a relationship with her. Otis managed to kill two birds with one stone, at a rather dramatic School Dance.

As Sex Education episode 7 closes out, Otis’s mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) has still not managed to form true intimacy with a man, but she is studying the obstacles for sex with post-pubescent boys which she accidentally leaves out on the kitchen table; Otis looks at the title of the study in horror, realizing it is about him.

Next is the finale, anything can happen at this stage.

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