‘Go! Live Your Way’ | Netflix Original Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 22, 2019
Go! Live Your Way


A teenage story about teenage dramas, teaching us nothing new and bringing little to the table to be entertained by. Go! Live Your Way is a dud.

If you are looking for some compelling, enticing drama for the week, then Netflix series Go! Live Your Way, known in Spain as Go! Vive a Tu Manera, is probably not your best bet. As a default setting, Netflix sets the English dub from the first episode, and I frowned at the simplicity of the dialogue. It does not improve without the dub. That’s not to say Go! Live Your Way is a write-off; as a teenage drama, it hits all the right chords for the plot, forcing the characters to be as superficial and as shallow as possible with their performances. Maybe I am a little harsh; I’m not the target audience after all.

The series premise follows Mia (Pilar Pascual), a fierce, aspiring singer/dancer that is eager to join a school called Go, which delves into Arts and Drama and is viewed as prestigious. Her Godmother is hesitant, knowing full well who the principal is; there are many personal vendettas in the story. Mia finds herself auditioning at Go, considering it to be her dream school, and soon ends up clashing with the principal’s daughter – the fashionable and popular teenager in school. Go! Live Your Way is a simple story.

I think what is noticeable early on is the paper-thin characters that bamboozle the corridors of the school. There are a group of boys in the story who relish their abilities in the basketball team, but seem to get puppy-eyed and easily swayed every time they see a girl in sight. These are the type of characters you have to deal with. Mia, the lead character, is at least enthusiastic and a bright light in the story, while feeling opposed by the jealous popular girl Lupe. In the first episode, Lupe and her mother sabotage Mia’s audition – Go! Live Your Way teaches us that kids can be nasty.

Out of all the Netflix titles you can delve into, maybe do not place your sights on Go! Live Your Way too eagerly, unless this is your thing. With a terrible dub and average, standard writing, it may bore you a little. Teenagers have dramas folks, and that really is the entire story.

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