‘Anthem of a Teenage Prophet’ | Film Review

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 5, 2019
Anthem of a Teenage Prophet Film Review


Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is one of the best coming-of-age movies you will see this year.

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is a high school drama from debutant director Robin Hays, starring Cameron Monaghan (Gotham), Peyton List (27 Dresses), and Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers).

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet follows Luke Hunter (Monaghan), a high school slacker who spends most of his time getting high rather than focusing on his future. One night he sees his best friend killed in a traffic accident; the next day the event happens, giving him the title of “The Prophet of Death”. Luke struggles with the new title, the guilt of not being able to help, along with the pressure of deciding on his college or even targeting an achievable future, while the visions continue to haunt him.

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet’s story is a wonderful look at the high school experience. Luke is struggling with what will come next in his life; college, work and that he turns to drugs shows just how difficult his life is even before the vision. Watching him learn about life, death and growing up is where the story shines through; getting advice from people he would never have thought to even listen to shows us just how far he has gone in life. The fact we get to see how he learns to help others with similar problems shows us all how we can learn to take extra moments in life to help people, and that the process will be just as rewarding for everybody around you. The parental figures show the love of a mother in Mary, like in Love, Simon, and the uncertainty and pressure placed on somebody by a father figure.

The performances in Anthem of a Teenage Prophet are fantastic, with Cameron Monaghan giving us an early contender for the best of the year. Cameron must show a full range of emotions through the film and he handles them all effortlessly, letting the audience know everything his character is feeling through the film. Peyton List and Juliette Lewis give us wonderful supporting performance along with Grayson Gabriel, whose smaller role is just as impactful on the main story.

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet uses the small-town America setting to its advantage by having the film show just how desperate the people in the town would be to escape at a younger age, while also showing how content the current residents are, giving a community feel and showing us just how the people in the town can chase small dreams for moments of happiness.

Overall this is a wonderful coming-of-age movie that can be easy to relate to. It has brilliant acting and a story which will be one that shows just how difficult the modern life can be for a teenager.

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