Trapped Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Recap

By Alix Turner
Published: March 12, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Trapped Episode 7 Trapped Episode 8


Many, many leads, and I have even less idea now where this story is going to wrap up. This show gets better and better.

This recap of Trapped Season 2, Episode 7 and Trapped Season 2, Episode 8 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episodes by clicking these words.

I’m going to start with the conclusion: this latest pair of episodes of Trapped Season 2 are the best yet, full to the brim of proper (and moody) content. And yet we still don’t know whodunit! I’ll tell you as much as I can, but there was so much, you can’t blame me if I leave out a couple of things. I’m not going to tell you who gets stabbed at the end, though: watch it!

Trapped Episode 7 starts with Vikingur being arrested at the power plant. Well, of course he was: he went in there in a rage and came out covered in blood, leaving a body behind. But he says he didn’t kill Pawel (and says little else), even though Pawel had been pushing Ebo around, and threatening assault. Ebo gives a statement about this to the police, thinking – naively – that it would be just cause for Vikingur’s temper; but unfortunately, it just provided the police with a motive.

Halla still doesn’t want to talk to her sister about the “old memories” which cropped up last time; she says this isn’t a good time to go into it, and even suggests that Elín is holding onto “false memories”. Is she manipulative, or in denial?

Thórhildur doesn’t want to leave Siglufjörður for the city, either. She has such a tantrum while packing that when Andri comes to pick her up, her aunt stands up for her and says she should be allowed to stay. “Sometimes it’s not easy being a parent,” says Andri. “It’s not easy having parents,” responds Hinrika. So Andri’s relationship with his daughter is still somewhat weird, but at least she can relax again that she’s able to stay amongst friends… and fortunately, she does seem to soften in the next episode.

But back to Trapped Episode 7. A press conference is held about the latest murder, and Andri states they have someone in custody but refuses to say who. Back at the police station, everyone huddles around the computer screen watching CCTV footage of the previous night: the power had been cut off, but whoever did that hadn’t realized there were two cameras outside of the main circuit. The footage showed Pawel entering the plant, the blackout, and then Vikingur entering… thus Hinrika concluded that Vikingur couldn’t have been the one who turned off the electricity, as it is done from inside the building. They all agree to keep schtum about what now looks like Vikingur’s innocence (at least until they’ve worked things out some more); so it’s kind of daft when Andri takes sympathy on the poor guy’s mother and tells her that the young man is most likely innocent: she struggles to keep it to herself (and I can understand that).

While Andri and Hinrika are out doing interviews, Ásgeir gets kind of flirty with fellow officer Guðrún, who has some techy role (I’m not clear what). Ásgeir is getting grumpy about being left out now that Andri is in the team again, and is very happy to have Guðrún’s company. He lets her use Hinrika’s office for a bit, and she – shock horror – discovers ultrasound pictures, jumping to the conclusion that Hinrika is pregnant.

The episode closes with Ásgeir and Bárður visiting the lake where the dead birds were found last time. After a blokey chat about relationships, the camera pulls back and shows thousands of fish floating dead on a beautiful bay.

Trapped Episode 8 opens with Finnur’s (very small) funeral, and all water in the town being shut off and the company being blamed; even worse now that they are looking at collaborating with American Aluminium, and expanding the plant. There is a public meeting where we first meet this fabulous character who I expected to see holding a log as soon as she started talking: the Log Lady went on about pollution being a sign that the town is cursed and got everyone even more riled up.

But still, the “foreign visitor” from American Aluminium is on his way, along with Halla, who is – of course – Minister for Industries. They are due to tour the plant and firm up the plans. But he cannot see much of the plant, because some of it is a crime scene! And partway through the tour, the manager (or tour guide), David, is taken away by the police to have a chat about the fat envelope full of money they saw him giving Finnur’s widow following the funeral. He owns up that it was a gambling debt to Finnur, and that he used to play poker with Pawel too (though not Vikingur). He’s not arrested, but police are very suspicious.

There are communication problems amongst the police team throughout episode eight: Ásgeir is kept out of the loop about the others’ theory of Vikingur’s innocence and Hinrika tries to bang heads together later on. And oh, she gets stroppy about the use of her office! She’s not pregnant…

Edo is still very nervous amongst his colleagues. His brother-in-law tries to encourage him that they will be able to go home in just a few days, but in the meantime, he’s staying with friends.

Thórhildur makes up with Aron again, having shared some of yesterday’s tantrum with him. This is where we see her softening, and she owns up to having found that dreaded phone in the bag of Finnur’s money. Aron persuades her to take it to the police, but her father isn’t in, and she leaves it with Ásgeir, who listens sympathetically. He tries to call Andri, but this is when he’s in the middle of interrogating the plant manager and doesn’t take the call (despite the bollocking about communications).

Víkingur’s mother, Steinunn, has a fabulous run-in with the Log Lady (still no log, though):

How can we lift a curse that’s been laid upon us by life itself? You’d think some kind of sacrifice would be enough. There is evil, evil seething underneath the family you married into. You haven’t seen the half of it yet!

Andri keeps trying to call Andri, but it looks like he’s about to be late for his date with Guðrún, so takes the “killer’s” phone with him… and it rings… and there’s a Luther-style bloody cliffhanger.

Oh, I can’t wait until next week!

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