The Silent Sea season 1, episode 7 recap – “Luna”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 7 - Luna


This fast-paced penultimate chapter brings a formidable twist to the tale that changes the perspective entirely.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 7, “Luna,” contains spoilers. 

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The penultimate chapter proves to be pivotal, as the remaining secret revolving around this story comes to light. It also offers hope to the audience that the finale will be highly fuelled — a grand finish.

The Silent Sea season 1, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens with Director Choi in her office listening to classical music. Mr. Kim checks on a young girl in a hospital bed while Director Choi looks at a photo of her and Song Wonkyung.

In the present, Doc Hong confirms that E2 is dead due to a gun wound to the chest. She also confirms that the water samples are gone, and Ryu Taesuk is still missing. Kim Sun reaches the command center, and he’s instructed to find Ryu Taesuk and Song Jian immediately. Ryu Taesuk approaches Kim Sun with a gun. He tells Kim Sun to turn around so he can remove his earpiece — he then shoots his leg and asks where Song Jian is. Kim Sun manages to get up and fight Ryu Taesuk.

Ryu Taesuk ends up shooting Kim Sun, but he survives. He tells Ryu Taesuk that they should find a way home safely. He holds one of the water samples and threatens to break it unless he stops. Ryu Taesuk shoots him again, wounding him badly this time, and he drops the water. The lunar water mixes with his blood and begins to multiply. Kim Sun then starts to vomit water endlessly until he dies. Ryu Taesuk is emotional as he watches his crew member die.

Meanwhile, Han Yunjae pieces events together and believes Ryu Taesuk is the only one who could have taken the samples and killed E2.

Song Jian continues to look after the young girl and inspect the private dorm. She finds a data brick. There’s a “Lunar Water Response Test” file — a video appears in the window; they tested the water on a goldfish. The tests then focus on human clones — subject one, “Luna 001,” died immediately, drowning in her multiplying water. They used many subjects labeled “Luna.” Many young women die at the hands of these scientific experiments.

While Song Jian watches the video, Doc Hong finds a room with body bags hung up with all the dead test subjects. Han Yunjae finds Doc Hong, and he’s horrified by what he sees. In the video, “Luna – 073,” the young girl survives the test — the same young girl that has lurked around the station.

Song Jian then watches a video by her sister; she explains how the higher-ups are urging them to use humans as tests. She notes if they succeed, they will save humanity. Song Jian is dismayed by her sister and wonders why she would do this. Song Wonkyung accepts it was a hard decision, but she wanted to save everyone’s future and wished to explain it to her sister one day. She explains she called Song Jian here to show her the sea. Song Jian cries; she’s confused by her sister’s actions but misses her; the video ends — a small tidbit into her sister’s life was encapsulated.

Ryu Taesuk tries activating the air purification systems, but there’s an anomaly. That anomaly is the secret storage area that is entirely underwater due to the multiplication in episode 5 – he overrides it, which initiates too much pressure in the systems, which becomes a problem later. Meanwhile, Doc Hong and Han Yunjae find Kim Sun dead after the water killed him. But there’s no time to absorb the moment, and he immediately deactivates the gate closures before reminding a sobbing Doc Hong that they have to go.

The ending

Song Jian asks the young girl if she knows what Earth is after showing her through the window. But then, Chief Gong finds them. He wants to shoot the girl, but the captain orders him not to — the young girl runs away. Han Yunjae finds Ryu Taesuk, which leads to a fight between the men. He has a chance to kill the traitor, but he hesitates. Ryu Taesuk tells the captain that he does not know what happened here or what lunar water is. They end up pointing their guns at each other, but then water starts dripping on Ryu Taesuk.

Song Jian tells the girl (now named Luna) that they have to go a specific way after finding her again. As they head down a corridor, drops of water fall in front of Song Jian — when she looks up, she sees there’s too much pressure in the pipes (this is due to the secret storage area and the air pressure system activated by Ryu Taesuk). A drop lands on her cheek. Various areas of the station start exploding with water.

Episode 7 provides the most uncertainty for the crew’s survival, with potentially more casualties to come.

This is fast-paced penultimate chapter brings a formidable twist to the tale that changes the perspective entirely.

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