The Silent Sea season 1, episode 2 recap – “Three Storages”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 2 - Three Storages


Keeping the story tense, The Silent Sea reels the audience in, slowly peeling away at the mystery of Belhae Station.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 2, “Three Storages,” contains spoilers. 

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Now that the base of the story is established, we will have many questions in this proclaimed sci-fi horror. Episode 2 presents the first moments the crew enters the station and the oddities they find. It’s clear already that their mission is not what it seems.

The Silent Sea season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with a flashback; Song Jian looks into a file regarding her sister Song Wonkyung. In her sister’s messages, she describes the dark spots on the moon as “The Silent Sea.” A message pops up when the file is decrypted — “Find Luna.”

And then episode 2 flits back to Belhae Station — every crew member switches to the life support systems. They can all breathe easy again. It does not take the crew long to find a dead body, which is unsurprising, given the tragedy that happened five years ago. Song Jian observes the deceased’s injuries with a keen eye. Doc Hong describes that the dead body has all the characteristics of somebody that has drowned.

The crew finds something odd; the radiation levels seem normal. Song Jian suggests that the crew did not die from a radiation leak, and it must have been something else — she wants to do an autopsy on the deceased as a priority. Still, Captain Han Yunjae dismisses her, stating that getting to the command center is the highest priority. When they reach the command center, they turn the station’s power on. As one of the crew members states, the building is an impressive project.

And then there’s another confirmation; radiation levels are normal, even in the area that is supposed to be contaminated. They can take off their spacesuits, and Song Jian is the first to do so. She tells the captain that they must conduct a full inspection of the station. Han Yunjae reminds her of the mission. The air purification system is initiated.

The crew regroup on their mission objective and highlight the sample is in one of the three storages. They all set off in three different teams, heading to one of the three storage areas. When Han Yunjae and his team get to the storage area, the door will not open; there appears to be something wrong with security settings, so he tries to open it. When he opens it, many dead bodies fall through the door. Ahead of them, there are plenty of dead people.

Meanwhile, Song Jian takes a slight detour; in a flashback, Song Jian asks Mr. Kim if he knows anything about “Luna.” Mr. Kim tells her that “Luna” is the data storage at Belhae Station. In the present day, Song Jian is eyeing down a corridor, but her team member gets her back on track on the mission.

Song Jian asks Doc Hong for a visual of the dead bodies she has found with the captain. She notes there are no burn scars, and Doc Hong once again notes they have the characteristics of drowned bodies. Han Yunjae reminds Song Jian of the mission, knowing she wants to investigate what happened five years ago.

The ending

When the crew reaches a couple of the storage areas, it already looks like it has been searched. Han Yunjae finds an empty capsule on the floor and reinserts it into the wall. Gong Soochan finds a legitimate capsule that could be the sample on one of the deceased bodies. He grabs it, but when he does, small particles leave the dead’s mouth, and he inhales it. It does not appear to bother him.

Meanwhile, Song Jian and her team see a biological signal on their radar. They do not appear to be alone. The final storage area is in complete darkness, and the capsules are all empty as Lee Gisu investigates it. He drops his torch, and when he tries to grab it under a table, something hurts him, and he finds a capsule that’s lit green. As the episode ends, Gong Soochan appears to be sweating profusely due to an infection.

Keeping the story tense, The Silent Sea reels the audience in, slowly peeling away at the mystery of Belhae Station.

Crew Logs

  • Flashbacks show that Song Jian marked all the gates and storage areas before they went on the mission. She’s on her mission.
  • In a flashback, Director Choi tells Song Jian that the dead bodies will be retrieved when the station is shut down permanently. She also tells her not to reveal that one of the deceased is her sister to her crew members as it will be burdensome.

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