The Silent Sea season 1, episode 5 recap – “Secret Storage”

December 24, 2021
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Episode 5 still holds many secrets, but with so much more to unravel, the story has weight.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 5, “Secret Storage,” contains spoilers. 

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This story is going to far-reaching places but still manages to keep the writing firm and intriguing. There are plenty more answers in episode 5 as the crew finds the secret storage underneath the main lab.

The Silent Sea season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with a flashback; Song Jian is looking through the encrypted message by her sister Song Wongkyung –the message is “Find Lunar.” Unfortunately, she does not have the clearance level to access classified files. This encourages Song Jian to mark out the station; she had a personal mission for herself all this time.

The other crew members have been alerted of the secret ladders in the main lab shrowded by plants. A couple of crew members head down and report that there is another storage area that is not on the map. The rest head down to examine, and they find loads of water samples all neatly placed in the wall. It’s an entirely separate facility. One of the samples broke, and the little water created all these plants.

Chief Gong checks out the other storage unit, and there are loads of samples there too. Chief Gong and his men are attacked. The intruder appears to be a young girl — she is shot, so she runs off and hides. The crew carries on shooting at the intruder, but she climbs and runs away quickly and escapes the secret storage.

One of the samples manages to touch the blood on the floor from the deceased crew member killed by the intruder. They need to escape quickly before the water multiplies and kills them. The intruder has also hurt another crew member, so they head to the infirmary — they need to give him a blood transfusion. The crew members wonder why the intruder is killing them. Song Jian thinks it’s because of the lunar water. Ironically, it could be that the crew members are the real intruders.

Han Yunjae shows Director Choi a sample; she tells him that they must capture the intruder as quickly as possible. Han Yunjae raises how the intruder appeared to be a kid in a lab coat. Director Choi tells him the identity of the kid is not important. She gets emotional and talks about rebuilding the world with abundant water. When the video feed ends, it’s revealed that Director Choi may know who the child is.

Han Yunjae does not want to risk any more of his people, but Song Jian raises the importance of getting that data. He tells her to go with Doc Hong and to be careful. They head to the main lab and log in to the data. Doc Hong asks Song Jian what her sister was like. Song Jian reveals she didn’t know her sister was here until after the disaster. She recalls when her sister contacted her first for once, right before the accident, but she didn’t pick up her call — she wishes she did.

The ending

When Song Jian examines the data brick, it’s revealed that everything has been erased. They return to the infirmary, and Ryu Taesuk is acting suspiciously. He appears to be a mole. Song Jian presses him and tells him that she is in charge of the samples. Suddenly, the young girl appears outside the infirmary and stares at them.

Han Yunjae heads down to level one to try and find the intruder while his other crew members check out the dorms. After scouring and finding spatters of blood, he is reunited with his team. Han Yunjae notes that the intruder knows her way around better than them. Han Yunjae is alerted that the intruder is at the infirmary.

Song Jian tries to calm the young girl down, and she’s suddenly surrounded by all the crew. Song Jian slowly puts the sample down in front of the intruder and nods at her. The girl’s eyes flicker as the episode ends.

Episode 5 still holds many secrets, but with so much more to unravel, the story has weight.

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