The Silent Sea season 1, episode 6 recap – “Key to Salvation”

December 24, 2021
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Episode 6 zeroes in on Song Jian’s discovery and the young girl on the station, which is a smart move by the writers in the closing chapters.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 6, “Key to Salvation,” contains spoilers. 

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There’s a lot of good happening for The Silent Sea, but as we reach the later chapters, it’s evident that the story’s most exciting aspect is Song Jian, her sister, and the young girl. When the story focuses on them, it’s uniquely engaging.

The Silent Sea season 1, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens with a flashback; the AI Psychotherapy Session asks Song Jian how she feels to be on the mission to Balhae Station. She raises how she feels comfortable alone and not sure how she feels about her sister. She’s asked again, and a single tear leaves her eyes.

And then episode 6 returns to the present — Song Jian and the young girl intruder are in a tense face-off; all guns pointed at the intruder. Song Jian notices the name tag on her lab coat is her sister’s name. When she picks up the sample, one of the crew members shoots it, and the water disperses. The young girl writhes in pain. There’s a gaping hole at the side of her cheek that opens and closes. The water appears to have a different impact on her, and she runs off.

Han Yunjae is irritated by Song Jian’s actions, but she explains she wanted to show the young girl that they would not hurt her. She raises how the water impacts her differently, and her wounds heal quickly. The lunar water does not kill her; she’s adapted to it, giving her physical attributes. Song Jian raises that they cannot kill her as she may hold the secret — “she might be everyone’s hope.”

The crew scope out the ventilation maps; they want to lure the young girl out with a water sample so they can capture her — Song Jian tells Han Yunjae that they cannot use guns as it will scare her. She also confides with the captain and believes her sister deleted all the data. She’s not sure why her sister would lure her here.

Meanwhile, Ryu Taesuk, the mole, tells his boss that there needs to be a change of plan. He collects the samples and leaves the infirmary. The injured crew member, E2, wakes up in the infirmary and suspects the samples have been stolen. Ryu Taesuk shoots E2, knowing he was on his case. Doc Hong radios to the captain, making them aware that both Ryu Taesuk and E2 are missing.

Back to the plan to trap the intruder; Song Jian and co sense that the young girl is nearby. She leaves one of the vents and approaches Song Jian, who is holding a water sample. Song Jian places the water sample down. Han Yunjae grabs Song Jian, and shuts the doors to trap the intruder, but unfortunately,  the young girl’s leg ends up trapped under the door, which puts her under a lot of pain. She bites Song Jian, who notices she has a  stamped label at the back of her neck — “Luna 073.” Han Yunjae shoots a tranquilizer at her, and Song Jian opens the door, so she’s no longer in pain. Song Jian hugs her because the young girl is upset.

Ryu Taesuk suddenly activates gate closures on the station, which sets off the alarms; the young girl escapes, so Song Jian chases after her with a sample and heads into the vents. One by one, each crew member is trapped behind closed doors. Kim Sun manages to escape, and he makes his way to the command center. He learns that only a few areas were shut down. Meanwhile, Doc Hong learns that all the water samples are gone, and she also finds E2’s body in the freezer. However, before confirming that he’s dead, she checks his pulse.

The ending

Eventually, Song Jian finds the young girl, who appears to have been waiting for her. They both head down a shaft. This leads Song Jian to a private dorm with plenty of notes on the wall. There’s a window in this dorm that looks out to the moon’s landscape, and earth can be seen in the distance, reminding viewers of the relativity that the characters face — they are far from home.

Song Jian talks to the young girl and manages to find a way to communicate with her without scaring her. She offers her a sweet, and the young girl quickly takes it off her. Song Jian sees some photos on the young girl’s bed and looks at them; there are photos of her sister. She looks over at the young girl, and she must be wondering what her connection is with her sister.

Episode 6 zeroes in on Song Jian’s discovery and the young girl on the station, which is a smart move by the writers in the closing chapters.

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