The Silent Sea season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Truth Comes Out”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 4 - The Truth Comes Out


Episode 4 gives the audience plenty of information about why our characters are here, signaling what to expect in the second half of the season.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1, episode 4, “The Truth Comes Out,” contains spoilers. 

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The writers had the halfway point in mind, and with the title of the episode named “The Truth Comes Out,” we are treated to some classified secrets which will platform the rest of the story.

The Silent Sea season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens with a flashback at the 3rd National Medical Center. Han Yunjae walks past a water distribution center. The character appears glum and depressed. Almost like life has defeated him in recent times. His daughter risks losing her legs, but with the class system in place with the water, there’s little he can do to help her.

Back to the present; Song Jian and Doc Hong are still investigating the water that drowned Gong Soochan and the other crew members. It’s a confusing mystery. Song Jian notes that the water in the host rapidly multiples when the host is infected but stops when dead — there’s a suggestion that the water is a virus. That will explain why Mr. Hwang told them not to drink the water. Song Jian wonders if it is an extraterrestrial virus.

Han Yunjae looks down at the dark valley, knowing he needs to anchor down to reach the panels to see if rebooting it will force the communication systems to work. He slowly makes his way down the foundations that keep the station firm. His crew members are worried that he will slip. They instruct what he must do when he reaches the power panel. Suddenly, there’s panic as the elevator below him moves up at an alarming speed. Han Yunjae has to move out of the way swiftly.

There’s confusion amongst the crew as they did not believe the elevator was working. It’s “out of the fire and into the frying pan” as a containment unit falls towards Han Yunjae, throwing him further down the valley. His oxygen system is damaged as he hangs motionless. His eyes close. Eventually, his eyes open again, and he tells his team he will finish the mission. However, with his oxygen levels low, they ask him to return, but he ignores the order. Han Yunjae finds the panel, and he follows instructions. He carries out the work, and his crew insists that he must return immediately as he struggles to breathe, but unfortunately, he collapses. His team manages to save him.

Han Yunjae is confused; he explains to the crew that the panels were fine, but it’s still impossible to exchange communications. However, they do catch a signal. It’s coming from outside the station near storage three. Han Yunjae and his team head there. When they reach the storage area, there’s a body bag. Inside, there’s a communication log device. Han Yunjae wonders if they can contact earth using this device, but more specifically, Director Choi.

The communication device works. Director Choi is alarmed at the tragedies at Balhae Station, but she wants the intruder and the sample to be found. Han Yunjae wants access to level one, so they can thoroughly check all the areas. He raises how there are no detections of radiation leaks at the station, and he presses Director Choi. She seems surprised by the information she is receiving, but she isn’t convincing. She insists she has no reason to hide anything — she explains that not only could this mission save his daughter, but all of humanity.

Song Jian senses something in the corridors, so she investigates. She finds a room, but there needs to be level one access, so she cannot enter. Song Jian returns to the lab, and she places a lancet of her blood into the water they retrieved. Suddenly, the water multiples, and it is out of control. Doc Hong freezes it to stop the multiplying. It proves the theory that once the host dies, the water stops multiplying.

The ending

And then the truth comes out…

Song Jian updates Han Yunjae and asks him if the water is the sample; the captain was aware all along what the sample was. Flashbacks reveal that Mr. Kim told Han Yunjae that they found something profound on the moon — it was a perfect chance to catch up on other countries with the industry — lunar water. In the present day, Han Yunjae states if their mission is a success, they will save humanity. Song Jian raises an excellent point — the lunar water kills the host like a virus. Han Yunjae believes if there is a slight chance they could find a way to stop the multiplication, their mission would be worth it. Song Jian raises how her sister Song Wonkyung would have wanted the same thing. A world without classification cards for water.

Song Jian is dismayed that the government covered up what happened at the station, and she wants more information from Han Yunjae. The captain asks her why she came here. Song Jian states her sister called her here, and the data storage is in the main lab — she wants access. They head to the main lab together. Song Jian feels the answer is in the data.

There is a considerable amount of data. They find plant overgrowth on the floor beneath them, leading to some secret ladders.

Episode 4 gives the audience plenty of information about why our characters are here, signaling what to expect in the second half of the season.

Crew Logs

  • In a further flashback, we see Han Yunjae spending time with his daughter at the medical center.

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