Freestyle (2023) Ending Explained – does Diego survive?

September 14, 2023
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2023 Netflix Polish movie Freestyle Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix Polish movie Freestyle, which contains significant spoilers. 

Diego has had a pretty hard life because of who his father was and after a stint in rehab, he has wanted to do better. Diego has wanted to steer clear of trouble, but with the friends he keeps, it’s almost impossible for him to stay out of harm’s way.

In the beginning Diego’s friend Flour stole a microphone from the club. In order to pay back the club, Diego has to take matters into his own hands and turn to one of the people he knows in the community who sells drugs. Fortunately for him, cocaine is the one that makes the most money, so he starts filtering the cash by selling with the people he knows.

This is how everything starts for Diego and he loses himself in the world of drugs again with his music career hanging by a thread. The film originally focuses on the rapping but once Diego needs money it all changes for him. He makes poor choices to get to where he needs to go and his music suffers greatly because of it.

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The one interesting thing that is revealed is the identity of Diego’s father. We all find out that it is Zibi and their relationship is questioned.

Freestyle (2023) Ending Explained

Does Diego survive?

When a drug deal goes wrong under Diego’s watch, that’s when things get more intense among the community of dealers. At one point the cocaine was switched out for something else and was sold to someone without them knowing. The Slovakians were the culprits in selling the cocaine and stealing the money from them. Diego is now worried everything will fall apart for him and that he needs to set things right for the Slovaks in order to get the money back.

Flour and Diego have been at odds for the whole film and Diego tries to get out of this life. Diego does run away from Flour with the money that he owes him but he gets hit by a car. The driver is a Slovakian who has returned for payback. He takes Diego and his girlfriend and takes them to a secret spot. Here, Diego is about to die because he wants the money for himself and Flour shows up to save him at the last second. Flour does defend Diego and kills the other hitmen in the area.

After taking care of the Slovakians, they receive a call from one of the brothers who has been selling the drugs for Diego. The issue is now that one of the brothers has died, and the other is blaming Diego. Over the phone, he vows that he will get revenge and kill him for what he did.

Fortunately for Diego, he doesn’t die, and he takes the money that the Slovakians stole, so they end up richer.

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 Netflix Polish movie Freestyle? Comment below.

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