Freestyle (2023) Review – a generic crime story with a struggling artist at the centre

September 14, 2023
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2023 Polish Netflix movie Freestyle Review


It is a generic story about an upcoming artist that is overstuffed with unnecessary subplots to make the character’s journey more enjoyable.

Here is our review of the 2023 Polish Netflix movie Freestyle, which does not contain any spoilers. 

The music industry is filled with ups and downs. There is no right way to make it in the business, and for some reason, things can get dark really fast. It always depends on the company you keep and who has your best interests at heart.

Unfortunately for many artists, the way to navigate this industry comes with a cost, and it’s never monetary. Artists in any medium pay with their morals and their mental health. It’s hard for anyone outside of the spotlight to understand what life is like while building the career you’ve always dreamed of in the arts.

Unless you’re in the industry, you won’t understand what goes into putting in the effort, no matter what path you choose.

Freestyle (2023) Review and Plot Summary

When it comes to a rapper’s music career, the path to success can be tricky. In Diego’s (Maciej Musialowski) case, he has always been around a bad crowd and has tried to come out of it using music.

He grew up in a community where gangsters were guests in his home because his father was once head of his own crew that would deal drugs. Drugs shaped Diego when he was younger, and he ended up in rehab because of his cocaine addiction. After he gets out, he gets clean, and he wants to pursue his music career.

The main issue with Freestyle is that it loses focus on Diego’s career. The more interesting narrative is that he is struggling to leave his old life behind but he falls right into it. That’s why it feels generic. This film had the potential to be an underdog story instead of a crime thriller without substance.

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As Diego goes on this new journey, his past still haunts him as people become prominent in his life again. However, Diego chooses not to revert to his old ways and keeps his head straight. He meets with an influencer who can help him become successful, and because he does have talent, he gains an audience almost immediately. The issue that Diego has is that he’s short on money, and it’s difficult for him to fund his career without it.

When he turns to a drug dealer that he knows extremely well the pacing of the film slows down. It also becomes repetitive in the middle because of the drug deals and why he needs the money.

So what does Diego do? He ends up falling into an old pattern while still trying to make a name for himself. He feels because he knows the drug dealing business because of his father that he’s able to control the outcome. He knows he can keep himself clean, make some money for his music, and still carry out some jobs for those in his community. It’s a slippery slope, and for this, Diego does have a hard time with the people he’s working with.

Is Freestyle (2023) good or bad?

If you’re looking for a story surrounding the music industry and one man’s dream to make it big, then this isn’t the movie you’re looking for. Sadly for Freestyle, it’s not a strong enough story that keep viewers engaged. There are too many characters in the story, making it messy and difficult to follow.

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The focus became more on the drug deals than the actual story of Diego and his music career. It’s good when it focuses on Diego’s journey but fizzles when it touches upon other issues.

Is Freestyle worth watching?

It is worth watching because of the drama that ensues with Diego. It becomes such a mess with these drug dealers that he ends up losing his way. It’s worth it solely because of Musialowski, and you get to see another side of the music industry in a different region.

If you’re a fan of these stories, then it is worth you’re time, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking.

What did you think of the 2023 Polish Netflix movie Freestyle, and how would you review it? Comment below.

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