Christmas With You ending explained – do Angelina and Miguel find love for Christmas?

By Eamon Hennedy
Published: November 17, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Christmas with You, which will contain spoilers.

A sweet concoction that plays the hits of nearly every Christmas rom-com that do the rounds this time of year, Christmas with You still works its charms anyway, thanks to the lovely performances from its cast and emphasis on exploring the holidays and family celebrations through its Latino characters.

Following the success of their performance of the Christmas song they have written together, Angelina (Aimee Garcia) invites Miguel (Freddie Prinze Jr) to her performance at Saturday Night Live after having found out she is replacing her rival Cheri to do so, but Miguel reminds her that his daughter’s quinceañera is that night. Angelina apologizes and suggests that he come after and that both he and she could write more songs going forwards. He reminds her that he has a daughter and a life away from the limelight that she stands in and asks if everything they shared was just about the song for her. She lies and says yes, telling him it was just business and nothing more and that was what they agreed to. Miguel tells her it was never about the song for him and he suspects she feels the same way, but she says she can’t which prompts Miguel to ask ‘can’t or won’t?`. She doesn’t reply and he walks away.

A montage shows the two of them going about their lives as Christmas approaches. Miguel’s daughter Cristina expresses that she feels that everything is her fault because of the video she made, but he reassures her that a lot of good happened as a result of it. Christina tells him that she saw his face backstage at the concert and knows he has a crush on Angelina but he tells her it’s complicated.

Christmas with You ending explained – do Angelina and Miguel find love for Christmas?

Backstage at SNL, Cheri approaches Angelina and says there are no hard feelings. Angelina greets her warmly and tells her that there is more than enough room for the two of them and that they shouldn’t be pitted against each other. Cheri asks Angelina where her boyfriend is, meaning Migue and not Ricardo who Angelina has now broken up with, telling her that he played piano really well. Realizing her feelings for Miguel, Angelina runs off to catch up to him, leaving Cheri to perform on SNL.

At Cristina’s quince, Miguel tells his daughter he is very proud of her. Her quince begins and he dances with her. As she gets ready to do her routine which she was seen practicing earlier in the film, Angelina shows up and starts performing Sweet and Spicy from earlier in the movie which goes down very well with everyone. Afterward Cristina thanks her for showing up and is soon asked to dance by her crush Scott. Angelina walks over to Miguel and they make plans to spend Christmas together, with Miguel joking about getting her an ugly sweater. When she asks about ‘after’, he says they’ll figure it out and they kiss.

She spends Christmas with them, celebrating both the holiday and their song becoming successful.

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