It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 10 recap – Gang-tae faces his demons

July 19, 2020
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Episode 10 gives time for the characters to heal deep wounds in a patient chapter and the best so far.

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Episode 10 gives time for the characters to heal deep wounds in a patient chapter and the best so far.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 10 contains spoilers.

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How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 10 open?

Due to the events of the last episode, Sang-tae has been sedated to calm him down. An emotionally exhausted Gang-tae heads outside and Mun-yeong slowly follows behind him. She throws a shoe at him to get his attention but he tells her to stop following him. Gang-tae wants to be with his brother — Mun-yeong tells Gang-tae it wasn’t his fault that his brother fell in the river; Gang-tae explains that he ran away because he wanted him to die before running back. These are strong words from Gang-tae — he’s processing his past feelings.

Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae if he’s going to spend his entire life atoning for his sins but he walks off, stating she shouldn’t have saved him from the river that day, as now he has to suffer every day.

Sang-tae wants to stay

As for Sang-tae in episode 10, Nam Ju-ri sees him but he wants to stay in his room and not leave. This is understandable after the stress of what he went through. Gang-tae waits outside the door, waiting for his brother to open it.

The stubborn brothers

The director tells Sang-tae to leave his bed and get some fresh air and something to eat, accusing both brothers of being too stubborn. The director takes Gang-tae away so Sang-tae feels comfortable leaving his room. Gang-tae tells the director that he had forgotten everything about that day and believed Sang-tae had removed it from his mind. The director tells Gang-tae to come back to work and lifts his suspension.

To dream, the impossible dream

Jae-su tells Gang-tae that he warned him about Mun-yeong. Gang-tae tells him that he woke up from his dream and that he should have focused on brother — “I dreamed the impossible dream”. Gang-tae believes he has a choice — his romance with Mun-yeong or looking after his brother Sang-tae. He does not believe he can have both so by default, he chooses his brother.

Fresh underwear

Mun-yeong heads to the hospital and tells Gang-tae that he looks worn out. She’s also bothered that he hasn’t come home in a while and brings fresh underwear. She tells him that he cannot spend his life under hostage and that he should live with her. Gang-tae tells her that he should have focused on his brother and that they have an ill-fated relationship.

The is clearly hurting Mun-yeong, especially as Gang-tae promised he would not leave her. He continues to say cruel words and Mun-yeong’s eyes fill with tears — she believes he is lying with his words. Mun-yeong holds his hand and says ‘Don’t go” but he lets go and calls her a “One-time event”. This is a devastating scene as Gang-tae walks off and Mun-yeong screams at him that she is a bomb that will kill everyone. It will take time to heal the wounds after this event. It’s all about trust moving forward.

Sang-tae isn’t angry anymore

Nam Ju-ri’s mother offers to take Sang-tae home while Gang-tae gets his act together. Gang-tae is emotional and thanks her. She is trying to help the transition after a traumatic breakdown between both brothers. Sang-tae leaves the hospital and Gang-tae watches — Nam Ju-ri asks Gang-tae to come home for dinner as Sang-tae isn’t angry anymore. Gang-tae asks her if she can do a selfish favour for him — Nam Ju-ri drops food off for Mun-yeong and picks Sang-tae’s bare essentials.

Apology and request for forgiveness

At the halfway point of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 10,  when Gang-tae gets home, he asks his brother to forgive him and apologises. Sang-tae asks Gang-tae what he’s apologising for; his brother states for running away when he was in the water and wishing he was dead and having a “normal brother”. Tears flow on Gang-tae’s face as he apologises – “Forgive me”. Sang-tae hugs his brother and asks to never abandon him and as Gang-tae sobs. This was a sweet moment for the brothers, demonstrating that time does heal.

Wine time

Nam Ju-ri and Mun-yeong have some wine; Nam Ju-ri admits she still fears her and is also jealous — she gets drunk and asks if she can slap her and calls her the biggest b*tch – “You stole the one thing I wanted”

Mun-yeong calls her cute and Nam Ju-ri slaps her and then collapses on the table. Lee Sang-in comes to check on Nam Ju-ri and Mun-yeong senses that he likes her — she asks who comes first and who comes second. Lee Sang-in states you should never number people and suggests that Mun-yeong misses Gang-tae. She repeats that she misses him over and over again. Meanwhile, Gang-tae looks through his memories with Mun-yeong and briefly reminisces something he believes he cannot have. It’s obvious that splitting Gang-tae and Mun-yeong apart is not going to work and this scene highlights that — there will always be that lingering “What if” conundrum.

Being casual

The next day at the bus stop, Nam Ju-ri and Gang-tae head to work together. The night before Nam Ju-ri drunkenly accuses Gang-tae of sending her to Mun-yeong’s place so they make up – “Do you think I’m a pushover?”. A drunk Nam Ju-ri asks Gang-tae to be more casual with her and stop being a jerk. On the bus, a sober Nam Ju-ri asks Gang-tae why he’s been so casual. Gang-tae cannot win in a sequence of funny scenes.

Be wary of Park Ok-ran

One of the caregivers asks Gang-tae if patient Park Ok-ran is close to Sang-tae and asks him to be careful. Meanwhile, Ko Dae-hwan sees Park Ok-ran and heads towards her. The caregiver feels Ok-ran is intentionally trying to provoke the other patients. Ok-ran whispers in Dae-hwan’s ear again and asks if he’s going to try to kill her again. He starts strangling her and the caregivers have to separate them both. Dae-hwan calls Ok-ran and Mun-yeong both monsters and they both need to die. Gang-tae insists that Mun-yeong isn’t a monster. Afterwards, the director hypothesises that Park Ok-ran could be Do Hui-jae (Mun-yeong’s mother). He could be right…

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Mun-yeong heads over to Nam Ju-ri’s house and asks her mother for food. Mun-yeong seems sad as she eats the food. Lee Sang-in heads over and asks why she’s ignored his messages — Lee Sang-in and his assistant wish her happy birthday. Lee Sang-in gives her a necklace and Mun-yeong believes he’s just trying to get her to push on with her next book. Mun-yeong heads to Sang-tae’s room. She gives him back Mang-tae and asks if she can have him as it’s boring without him. She wants him to hang out with her for her birthday but he keeps calling her a liar and heads back inside. Mun-yeong asks Sang-tae if he knows the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf and explains it; she theorises that the boy lied because he was lonely. She’s referring to Mun-yeong’s hurtful lies earlier in the episode.

How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 10 end?

At the hospital, patient Park Ok-ran escaped and said that “Today is an important day”. Gang-tae is suddenly panicked and leaves, believing that she really could be Mun-yeong’s mother. Park Ok-ran turns up at Mun-yeong’s place, knocks on the door and sets off a party popper and wishes Mun-yeong happy birthday with a sinister smile on her face. Gang-tae speeds over in his car extremely worried. Episode 10 gives time for the characters to heal deep wounds in a patient chapter and the best so far.

Additional points
  • Jae-su argues with Lee Sang-in about the cause of Sang-tae’s breakdown — Jae-su thinks it’s Mun-yeong while Lee Sang-in thinks it is Gang-tae’s fault.
  • While Nam Ju-ri and and Lee Sang-in drive, Lee Sang-in’s car breaks down but it was a brief time for them to bond.

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