It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 recap – Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae to leave

August 8, 2020
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Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate chapter of the series with the characters’ childhoods coming full circle as they finally face their demons head-on.

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Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate chapter of the series with the characters’ childhoods coming full circle as they finally face their demons head-on.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 contains spoilers.

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How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 open?

Do Hui-jae watches Sang-tae slowly drift off to sleep after she has drugged him. She uses his phone and rings Gang-tae. She tells him to meet her at the Cursed Castle. Gang-tae enters Mun-yeong’s place and sees Sang-tae asleep on the sofa and panics. This is a serious moment for the story.

Gang-tae confronts Do Hui-jae

Do Hui-jae explains that she has tranquilized Sang-tae. She then talks of how she created Mun-yeong like a piece of art. Gang-tae gets angry and claims she is a human being, not a project. Do Hui-jae gets angry, blaming Gang-tae for Mun-yeong changing into a different person. It’s clear she wants to bring her daughter down to her level. Do Hui-jae asks Gang-tae to kill her so he gets his revenge and so that his ill-fated relationship with Mun-yeong will continue. But Gang-tae fights back the urges, saying that will never happen.

A flashback – the bird with the broken wing

But the evil woman continues to persist in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15.

Do Hui-jae tells Gang-tae the story to prove it was Mun-yeong who was at fault for his mother’s death. His mother sees a young Mun-yeong looking at a bird with a broken wing. Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae’s mother if she should kill it. The mother confronts Do Hui-jae about Mun-yeong and the bird, but Do Hui-jae dismisses the conversation.

A feeble reason for killing their mother

In the present day, Gang-tae is upset with the reason for why his mother was killed. Do Hui-jae states that his mother made out like Mun-yeong was a lunatic. An angry Gang-tae starts strangling Do Hui-jae, placing her head on a desk — he’s giving into to his urges to kill her. As he strangles her, he remembers Mun-yeong saying, “She’s still my mother,” so he lets go. Do Hui-jae stabs Gang-tae with an injection and calls him a coward.

As Gang-tae collapses to the ground, Mun-yeong enters the room, and Do Hui-jae reminds her that they share the same blood. Mun-yeong tries stabbing her mother but Gang-tae stops her, stating she promised not to react if the butterfly shows up. Gang-tae collapses and Mun-yeong is upset. Do Hui-jae tells Mun-yeong that she should have listened to her. We are seeing 14 episodes come to this pivotal moment between all the characters and it is tense.

Brave Sang-tae

As Do Hui-jae is about to stab and kill Mun-yeong, Sang-tae hits her at the back of the head with a book and tells her not to hurt her brother and sister. All the characters look like their younger selves now — their whole history came full circle. So much baggage in one room brought on by one evil woman.

Do Hui-jae is arrested

The police arrive and arrest Do Hui-jae. She tells Director O that she won because Gang-tae and Mun-yeong can’t be together; she made sure of it. Director O states that humans lean on each other

While she is put in the police car, Director O asks what she did with patient Ms. Park Ok-ran. She explains how she told the patient what do i.e. deliver a letter at Mun-yeong’s place but it’s time for her to leave the stage. Director O tells Do Hui-jae maybe it’s also time for her to leave the stage.

If I stay with you, my life will be miserable

Director O jokingly tells Mun-yeong that Gang-tae may never wake up. She leans by his bed, tears rolling from her eyes, and tells him that he’s sorry as he keeps getting hurt because of her. Mun-yeong feels his life will be miserable if he stays with her. The character makes a valid point but it’s based on one perspective and as this Netflix series has taught us, perspective is important.

Please leave

Gang-tae finally wakes up. Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae to come downstairs as they need to talk. Mun-yeong explains to him what happened and that he should leave so he doesn’t have to suffer any longer but Gang-tae wants them to overcome the nightmare. Mun-yeong asks him to leave with Sang-tae in the morning because she doesn’t want to be tormented and walk on eggshells all her life. She looks Gang-tae straight in the eyes and states that she means it.

Thank you Sang-tae

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 offers another sweet moment between both brothers who manage to shine a light in dark moments.

The next morning, Gang-tae hugs his brother and thanks him for saving all of them. Sang-tae is confused as to why the head nurse would do all of that. Gang-tae states that she hates the idea of others being happy. Sang-tae tells Gang-tae that they should live together as a family and if Mun-yeong asks them to move out then they should all move out together. Gang-tae is more specific and asks what if Mun-yeong asks them both to move out. Amusingly, Sang-tae says, “Over my dead body”. As the series wears on to final moments, it’s becoming evident that Sang-tae is the protector of the trio, not Gang-tae.

Even Mun-yeong cannot persuade him

Sang-tae tells Mun-yeong that the evil woman tried to hurt her because she didn’t want her to be happy. Mun-yeong tells Sang-tae that they won’t be publishing the book anymore because she doesn’t want to — she tells Sang-tae that she wants him and his brother out by the end of the day. Sang-tae says, “Over my dead body” and sits down.

I can’t overcome it

Gang-tae hands in his resignation at the hospital. Director O is also standing down. Gang-tae tells him that he cannot breathe and that he lied to Mun-yeong about being able to overcome it. Director O concludes that staying together torments Gang-tae but breaking up will be equally painful — he asks Gang-tae why he didn’t kill Do Hui-jae and he says it was because of Mun-yeong — she prevented him from blowing up. Both Gang-tae and Mun-yeong are like yin and yang; they both hold different energies but they complement each other — I believe that is what Director O is trying to explain to Gang-tae.

I’m retired

Mun-yeong tells Lee Sang-in that she is retiring from writing and she is going to do what she wants — she no longer has any stories to tell — “You are free now”. Lee Sang-in is understandably emotional and tells her to change her mind but she tells him to stop whining. Lee Sang-in believes if Mun-yeong doesn’t write, she won’t live anymore.

The story of the two brothers

Gang-tae tells Mun-yeong that she cannot live on her own anymore because she now knows what it feels like to feel warm and have a full stomach. When he touches her face she goes under the covers and asks him to leave. Gang-tae tells Mun-yeong the story of two poor brothers who provide each other with bags of rice as they were worried each other would run out as they did not live together. The moral of the story is, siblings should live together so they didn’t do pointless work to look after each other. Gang-tae tells Mun-yeong that he wants to live together as the ending point of his story. But she carries on being quiet so Gang-tae yells at Mun-yeong and tells her to stop being stubborn.

Gang-tae seems frustrated because he’s constantly chasing for her validation that they can remain together.

We can’t leave yet

Mun-yeong wakes up and tells Gang-tae to go back and live where he used to. He says he can’t because the water pipe burst where he was. It’s a blatant lie but he’s holding on as much as possible.

Everyone helps out

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 sees a turning point for Mun-yeong — for once, she feels cared for by many.

Nam Ju-ri rings Mun-yeong and asks for a favor as her mother is sick and she has a night shift. She asks for help. Mun-yeong heads over and Nam Ju-ri’s mother doesn’t seem sick. She provides Mun-yeong with food as she hasn’t eaten in days. Gang-tae and everyone planned this for Mun-yeong to make sure she’s okay and that she eats. They have provided all of Mun-yeong’s favorite food. Mun-yeong asks why everyone is nice to her; Nam Ju-ri’s mother lists a few reasons but one of them is because she treats Gang-tae for who he is. And that notion matches the story; everyone was wary of Mun-yeong until they started to see that Gang-tae was happy.

Sang-tae’s latest drawing

After being fed, Mun-yeong returns home to see Sang-tae asleep on the stairs. She wonders what excuse Gang-tae will use tomorrow to not leave the house. Sang-tae says “Over my dead body” at the prospect of leaving. Sang-tae tells Mun-yeong to check his work so he can become an illustrator and work with someone else. He shows her his latest artwork; it’s Gang-tae asleep when he’s happy. Sang-tae says he saw it for the first time recently — genuine happiness. Mun-yeong starts crying and states it’s beautiful. Sang-tae offers her the drawing.

How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 15 end?

Sang-tae reveals that they planted a tree for their mother at the hospital which throws Mun-yeong off slightly. Mun-yeong visits the tree and says she’s sorry. Gang-tae appears beside her. He tries making a joke but she doesn’t laugh. Gang-tae states he will keep trying to overcome what happened and get through and asks Mun-yeong to stop pushing him away. She walks away and he stops her. As she keeps walking, Gang-tae shouts “I love you”. He keeps repeating it as she walks off and you can tell she’s enjoying it a little bit. It’s a mirror of the scene when she kept shouting at him earlier in the series, repeating that she loves him.

Gang-tae returns to Mun-yeong’s place and continues to repeat that he loves her. She tells him to stop saying it but he grabs her and gives her a kiss and then carries her to a table to kiss her again. Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate chapter of the series with the characters’ childhoods coming full circle as they finally face their demons head-on.

Additional points
  • Sang-tae and Gang-tae hang their latest family portrait on their mother’s tree.

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