Vikings season 6, episode 12 recap – what happened in “All Change”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 30, 2020 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Amazon series Vikings season 6, episode 12 - All Change


After a few tense chapters, “All Change” slows the story down as the characters readjust and rethink their allegiances and plans. It’s a transitional chapter that works well.

This recap of Amazon’s Vikings season 6, episode 12, “All Change” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Bjorn’s death changes everything and has ramifications for the rest of the final season — “All Change” is the start of changes.

Prince Oleg and Ivar return to their town and there’s shock amongst the people. Oleg’s wife looks disappointed as she looks on. Later in the evening, Oleg confirms to Katia that a dead man defeated them — he compares Bjorn to a resurrected Christ. He does not believe it is possible to be defeated and tells Katia that it will never happen again.

Prince Oleg is slowly losing control… it seems.

Removing Igor’s innocence

Prince Oleg is furious and trashes Igor’s residence. He tells Igor that he’s destroyed his innocence and that he will no longer protect him. Igor cries, but Oleg believes he’s readying him to be King.

Ubbe learns of the news

A message is delivered to Ubbe — Bjorn, his brother, is dead. Ubbe wants full information about how his brother died. He’s given a full debrief of the battle with Rus and how he scared them into platforming a resurrection. Ubbe raises a glass to his brother and states he was a hero. He wants to still find this new land despite a sad moment. Ubbe’s story remains unchanged.

A new ruler is required

Erik tells Gunnhild that they need a new ruler as another Rus attack is imminent. He tells her that she’s a great shieldmaiden. Gunnhild does not believe she is popular enough and feels she does not deserve to be Queen. Erik tells her that fate is already written. Gunnhild sees The Seer later on and he tells her not to “listen to all of the voices”.

Gunnhild decides to call for a meeting for a new ruler. Erik wants a token of friendship for his support for Gunnhild — he desires her.

Why don’t you be king?

Kjetill Flatnose asks Ubbe why he does not return to take Bjorn’s place as King while he vows for King of Norway. Ubbe tells him he does not wish to be King. Kjetill looks unnerved by Ubbe’s words. Later, Torvi sees Kjetill arguing with Othere — she tells Ubbe about what she saw. “All Change” sees an urgency from Torvi — she knows Ubbe has to resolve conflicts before going on a dangerous voyage.

Making an example

Prince Oleg gathers his most important officers of the army and asks them to dig ditches. He wants to remind them to be humble. Ivar, Hvitserk, and Igor look on with concern. Igor does not want to look, but Oleg tells them that they do not deserve to be spared after their behavior in the battle. The officers are slain and thrown into the ditches — Igor watches with panic. One of the officers begs Oleg not to kill him. Oleg asks Igor to show the officers what happens to traitors. An officer begs for mercy and references his wife and children — before Igor kills him, Ivar nods at him. He has no choice. Ivar needs Oleg to continue trusting Igor.

Prince Dir visits Ivar and Igor secretly and tells them that he has gathered an army. He wants them to join him and take part in his plans. Dir tells Igor that he will be the rightful King.

Prince Oleg is playing scattergun

Oleg calls a meeting with Hvitserk. He tells him that he loves Ivar, but does not trust him. Oleg expresses his desire to capture a more attractive target. Hvitserk remains silent. Katia then feeds Oleg and Hvitserk a steaming liquid that is apparently poppyseed that makes you happy. The last thing that Hvitserk needs is drugs. A pattern is repeating, and Oleg is taking advantage of him.

Talking to both men separately

Ubbe talks separately with Othere and Kjetill and persuades him to join him with the promised land. He strikes deals with both of them, vowing that he needs people he can trust on this voyage.

Saying the same words to Ingrid

Erik speaks to Ingrid; she reveals she has Bjorn’s child. He tells her that they cannot wait for her child to be the ruler of Kattegat. He then implies that she has a chance to be Queen, and Ingrid agrees. The thirst for power is immediate after Bjorn’s death; there’s no messing around.

Katia wants to prove herself to Ivar

Katia asks Ivar the Boneless what his deceased wife looked like. He describes her as looking like Katia but blonde — he remarks that he trusted her. Katia listens to him, intently. Ivar tells Katia that he doesn’t believe that she wants to betray Oleg. Katia wants to prove herself and tries to kiss him, but Ivar walks off. How he resisted temptation here is a miracle.

Potential Queens face off

Gunnhild asks Ingrid if she would stand for Queen. Ingrid reveals she is carrying Bjorn’s child — this obviously changes everything. Gunnhild is shocked and asks if it is Harald’s child as the man raped her, but Ingrid claims she knew she was pregnant before the rape. Gunnhild is irritated, stating it should have been her child. Both women will want to be Queen now, but Ingrid being pregnant with the heir makes it a complex and tense situation.

Another temptation that works

Later on, Katia meets Ivar again, this time with blonde hair to represent his wife. She locks the doors and calls herself Freydis. Ivar is conflicted and confused. Katia strips off her clothes and then pulls off his pants before giving him oral. She then climbs on top of him and Ivar gives in. She asks if he believes her.

The ending

After sex, Katia tells Ivar that she knows that Prince Dir is still alive and asks where he is. Ivar gives her the information and states that Igor is the future. A risky move by Ivar that may or may not work for him.

Gunnhild goes to bed and asks Erik if he’d like to come with her. The pair have sex. Afterwards, Erik chooses not to stay in bed with her. When she asks what he really wants, he says, “I think you know”.

After a few tense chapters, Vikings season 6, episode 12 slows the story down as the characters readjust and rethink their allegiances and plans. It’s a transitional chapter that works well.

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