Selling Sunset Season 1 Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 22, 2019 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Selling Sunset Season 1 Review - Netflix Series


If you want to be disappointed by the human race, then watch Selling Sunset. 

I do aspire to have enough money to be considered rich, mostly because of the lifestyle I want, but if it makes me into an insufferable, annoying twat like most of the people in Netflix series Selling Sunset Season 1, then sign me out forever. What baffles me more is the audacity of these people to release this on Netflix. What are you trying to prove, exactly? The last thing regular working folk need to watch is Selling Sunset. The rich won’t be watching this unthinkable and offensive trash.

The first point to make is that Selling Sunset is about an exclusive Real Estate company, headed by twin brothers, who only hire beautiful tall women to sell the wealthiest property in Hollywood. My problem isn’t their business strategy by the way; if I was buying a ten million pound house, don’t ruin my day by sending the Hunchback of Notre Dame to sell it to me. I’m about to slam my cash and sex sells – whatever. The issue with the series is that the people who work at the company and the buyers show a degree of repellent behaviour that made me shell-shocked.

If that’s the point, then let’s hand Selling Sunset a 5-star review and move on, but I am pretty confident that no-one wants to be portrayed like they are in this show. To give you an example; in the opening episode a wealthy man is touring a house he may want to buy – rather than focusing on the house and the details, he persists in trying to force the estate agent to have drinks with him, knowing full well she has a husband. At one point, he jumps on the bed and asks her to join him. He makes the entire negotiation about dating her first, buying the house second. Her uncomfortable body language made me nervous. Selling Sunset became Selling Sexual Harassment.

Selling Sunset Season 1 Review - Netflix Series

In my second example of how intolerable Selling Sunset can be, there’s this one couple who are enquiring about a twelve million dollar house; first, they complain there aren’t enough good views from the house, so the estate agent explains that for an extra four million dollars (only an extra four million dollars) they can do some landscaping to create spare picturesque moments. At the point of deal or breakaway, the couple complains that they would like a new floor. Jesus Christ, if you can buy a twelve million pound house, I am sure buying a new floor isn’t going to liquidate your accounts.

But another issue that I will raise before I sign this review off and forget the series forever, is that the women are patently nasty to each other for no real reasons; as an example, a new girl joins the firm, so one of the women intentionally verbally attacks her just to make it known where she stands. To provide perspective, the series reveals the commission the company earns for each sale – there’s no need for this bitterness at all. You are living a fine life!

Just as a final remark, the owners are super creepy as well. At one point, one of the women is talking about her boyfriend and where he lives, and one of the twin brothers is adamant that he must meet him first and they had a passive aggressive argument about it. How about you fuck off fella, and let her be who she wants to be with, you rich cunt. Netflix’s How to be Rich and be a Dick is a dud.

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