Selling Sunset season 2 review – more of the same and we don’t care Hey look at us, we have money and problems.



Selling Sunset season 2 is equally as insufferable as its predecessor.

Netflix reality series Selling Sunset season 2 will be released on the platform on May 22, 2020 — this review of the series contains no spoilers.

I’m not going to do the same rant as I did for my previous review of Selling Sunset the problem is, I just do not care. Like, at all. And while some will comment on this review and think I have some hidden agenda, I don’t — I just want authenticity. Selling Sunset season 2 brings forth the same issues; portraying people that exhibit the type of behavior that I do not engage with. You can sell properties without spurring drama purposefully and you can buy a property without telling the audience how rich you are repeatedly.

Selling Sunset season 2 continues the story with the real estate company run by gorgeous women. If I’m frank, the Netflix reality series is not really about selling the best properties in America at all — it’s mixed up with various personal problems and evident pre-planned drama. Sometimes the women clash or they have a problem with their other half — season 2 continues to try and add as many layers to the real estate company as possible.

But at the same time, I do admire the hustle in Selling Sunset season 2. It must not be easy to sell the hottest properties to insufferably wealthy people every day — that takes a certain kind of energy that most people don’t have. Some people cannot sell — these women can and they are addicted to it and the lifestyle that it apparently brings.

What would be good is if they did it based on a small real estate company trying to start-up and sell properties for the first time, dealing with working and middle-class people. That would be a Netflix series I’d be down for. I couldn’t care for any of these people’s problems — Selling Sunset season 2 is equally as insufferable as its predecessor.

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