Selling Sunset Season 6 Review – The Most Cutthroat Season Yet

May 19, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Selling Sunset continues to be one of Netflix’s best reality shows, and the sixth season might be the best yet.

We review the Netflix Reality series Selling Sunset Season 6, which does not contain any significant spoilers.

The Oppenheim Group realtors are back with another season of the hit reality series Selling Sunset. The show has become popular for the cutthroat realtors trying to carve their way into the Los Angeles real estate market.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Review

Selling Sunset Season 6 introduces new agents, which of course, means new drama will unfold with personalities classing, pregnancies, and plenty of new high-priced real estate for them to battle over to impress The Oppenheim leaders.

As a viewer, the show’s creators understand that we are all in awe of the houses these realtors sell. However, they know even more that we are invested in the day-to-day drama that comes with the show’s cast.

When you have these real estate agents fighting over some prized properties to cash checks, you can’t help but get sucked into this world of cutthroat business.

One of the things that shocked you this time around was the fact that these ladies seemed further and further apart from each other. The one goal is to impress the bosses, and within that, they work together, not always against one another.

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It’s wild that you had people and their factions, but boy does this season feature more backstabbing than ever.

Can we talk about these dinners? The real estate agents sit down at these dinners and just go to town on each other. It’s wild to me that we haven’t seen full-blown fistfights on these shows because if some of these people would say these things to me, I would have to have more than just words for them, especially with them taking money away from me.

Selling Sunset brings something unique to the table that most reality shows don’t have to offer, and that is high stakes. I am not saying that shows based on love aren’t high stakes, but you can fall in and out of love, but with selling real estate, you have people fighting for their livelihood. That is something that ups the ante in making the show grounded even within the drama.

Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Good or Bad?

Good. We all watch this show to ooh and ah at the houses but get the popcorn out to enjoy the drama. Audiences will be riveted by the sit-downs.

Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Worth Watching?

If you are a fan of Selling Sunset, of course, it is worth watching. If you are someone who is skeptical about seeing yet another reality show on selling houses, I promise you this isn’t like any other real estate show.

The creators do a great job of investing in their cast that makes them relatable, and factoring that in with the high stakes and drama makes for the perfect match.

What did you think of the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset Season 6? Comment below.

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