Selling Sunset season 5 review – new friends, new challenges

April 21, 2022 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Selling Sunset is still a “soft spot” series. While we can see the trashiness of this reality show, it’s too difficult to put down.


This review of Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 5 does not contain spoilers.

As much as we’d like to hate this reality series, it’s pretty apparent this is one of the shows we anticipate. At the end of season 4, we saw the peak of the civil war in all its glory. Christine was in No Man’s Land. No friends, no rapport at work, and ousted at the parties. Season 5 moves on a little, showing the calm after the war, with Christine navigating a new social life while trying to egg back into her old social group. From this perspective, viewers may feel like the story has turned anti-climatic, but do not worry. The drama is thirstier than ever.

And I suppose the whole Christine drama is something we have all thirsted for, but it is getting a little old. There’s only so much mud-slinging we can view from the reality star as the series wears on. But season 5 is not all about Christine. As the tabloids would suggest, Jason’s relationship with Chrishell is intriguing. The series delves into the “f*****g your boss” storyline while finding an angle to Chrishell’s newfound happiness. The new dynamic in the workplace certainly makes season 5 feel better than season 4. Of course, we love having the villain in Christine, but more focus on the other women was needed, and we get it in season 5.

It also feels like the women are maturing in front of the camera in season 5. There’s plenty of chat about family, love, and self-care. Maybe all the drama has burned out, and the series is settling into a more natural rhythm. Ironically, the Oppenheim brothers are more present in season 5. Maybe it’s Jason’s relationship with Chrishell, but there’s certainly a more personal view of the business owners. It’s a welcome angle, but I wonder if they prefer to be more in the background and remove themselves from the drama.

But make no mistake, Selling Sunset is still a “soft spot” series. While we can see the trashiness of this reality show, it’s too difficult to put down.

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