Selling Sunset season 4 ending explained – has Christine Quinn left The Oppenheim Group?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 24, 2021
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Netflix reality Selling Sunset season 4 ending explained - has Christine Quinn left The Oppenheim Group - episode 10


With tensions come fireworks, but where doe this leave Christine Quinn?

This recap of Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 4, episode 10, explains the ending and whether or not Christine is still working for The Oppenheim Group. It will contain spoilers.

Throughout season 4, there’s a theme, and that theme is Christine Quinn. Love her or hate her, the divisive figure knows how to take center stage. I mean, look at her remarkable wedding set-up at the end of season 3. She sure knows how to put on a show. In season 4, Christine Quinn finds herself embroiled in a civil war at The Oppenheim Group. While she has allies, there’s a consensus among the women that Christine tells lies and every lie she tells incurs a debt to the truth.

Amongst a social group, there are no fact-finding missions. There’s no way to verify the truth. There’s only reality. Unfortunately for Christine, her colleagues’ (and even her friends’) perspective is that not everything adds up.

The real sledgehammer came when Christine claimed that her ex proposed to her while also in a relationship with Emma. There’s a pitfall in her story, as she suggests that Davina was the only woman who knew, but she did not know Davina during this timeline. Also, Mary Fitzgerald was friends with Christine at the time, and she had zero recollection of this proposal.

Emma’s introduction to season 4 caused fireworks; Christine believes Emma knew the man she was once with was her boyfriend, but Emma has made a convincing case that she had no idea. Plus, this man actually proposed to Emma during this period, and there’s evidence. What makes this worse is that this was years ago, so Christine has triggered a war over something that has no meaning or basis. After all, she’s married and has had her first child with Christian, so who cares, right?

But there is hope for Christine. Vanessa, probably the kindest out of this group of women, introduces Christine to a life coach who can help with her manifestations and perspectives. But, the question is, did the professional help come too late?

Selling Sunset season 4 ending explained – has Christine Quinn left The Oppenheim Group?

In the last episode of season 4, the Oppenheim brothers host a party to make a surprise reveal. The reveal is that they are extending the business to other areas of America, which is exciting. Also, if you have heard of the upcoming series Selling Tampa, which is coming to Netflix on December 15, then there’s more to be excited about — Selling Sunset officially has a spin-off.

However, the biggest story at the party is whether Christine Quinn will make an appearance after she had decided not to attend recent team meetings. The women stand in solidarity as they wait with bated breath for her arrival.

Christine finally makes a show, but she doesn’t want to talk to all the women as a group, but instead, she’d like to do it individually. Heartbreakingly, it’s clear she misses Mary the most — she considers Mary to be her best friend. You can also tell Mary still loves Christine, but she’s at the end of her rope with her.

The women refuse to talk to Christine individually, and there are expectations that she apologizes to them. However, Christine feels they are being unfair and mean. There is a minor argument that they are being mean and that the tribal mentality is a little jarring, but you can also see it on the other side.

With tensions in the air and the party nearly ruined, Mary gives in and speaks to Christine privately. And now we are in a situation where Christine has a choice — does she give in and let her guard down with Mary and apologize, or does she firmly keep her stance about friendship and loyalty.

Unfortunately, Christine keeps her stance. Mary admits she still cares about Christine, but she cannot continue entertaining their friendship. It’s awful to see two friends unable to express or communicate their love and make amends. It’s painful to watch as neither side concedes a position while the other women watch on.

Christine leaves the party, and with no peace agreements met, it’s looking increasingly likely that she will have to leave The Oppenheim Group. We predict that she will. Her refusal to go to the office and the lack of professionalism from all the women on this issue means it’s getting unbearable from an operational perspective. Plus, Christine has other opportunities, and she’s embarking on wealthy family life with her husband.

Whether she has left for good is a question that remains — we’ll have to wait for season 5.

What did you think of Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 4, episode 10, and the ending? Comment below. 

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  • December 6, 2021 at 4:50 am

    One of my favorite shows. I feel the same about Christine I Love her and don’t like her BUT I think she has a deep pain inside I hope they explore it on the show

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