Does Emily end up with Gabriel or Alfie in Emily in Paris season 3? Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 23, 2022 (Last updated: January 17, 2023)
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Does Emily end up with Gabriel or Alfie in Emily in Paris season 3? We explain and delve into Emily’s romance.

We had the significant return of Emily in Paris, with season three dropping just in time for the perfect binge ahead of the holidays. It was my favorite season of the show to date, and there was so much to unpack. We share some of the big things that went down in the season, including who Emily (Lily Collins) ends up with. Was it Gabriel? Was it Alfie? Let’s dive in.

What happens at the end of Emily in Paris season 3?

In the finale, we saw Gabriel get the news that he was on the verge of getting that Michelin star he had been yearning for. Moments later, he decides at his engagement party to get married to Camille immediately.

After everything is set up and ready to say their vows, Camille drops a bombshell, saying that she can’t marry him. Why? Because she knows that Gabriel and Emily are in love with each other.

After that big reveal, Alfie gets up in disgust and leaves the room. Sadly, Emily was unable to stop him. So, that relationship is over. However, this opens the door for Gabriel and Emily to end up together, right? Maybe? Shortly after the dust settles, the duo talks and Gabriel tells Emily that Camille didn’t come back to revive their relationship, but she came back because she was PREGNANT.

Does Emily end up with Gabriel or Alfie in Emily in Paris season 3? Explained

Throughout season 3, while their relationship was a bit rocky, Emily and Alfie had a good thing going for them. We started to see both of them thrive in their careers, which helped their relationship. However, from his not telling his family about her to her awkwardness about the long distance, something was bound to tear them apart.

Then, we had Gabriel was not so happy with Camille but felt like he was doing the right thing. Furthermore, you had Camille, who had previously made the pact with Emily that neither of them could date him but broke it because she was a bit selfish. Finally, of course, we see all of this come to a head in the finale.

So after the big wedding fiasco, we see Alfie and Emily break up, and Gabriel and Camille break up, kind of with no clear resolution of if Emily and Gabriel will be together. So Emily ends the season basically single.

What happens between Gabriel and Emily?

A conversation after the wedding bombshell between Emily and Gabriel went incredible. From Emily admitting to Gabriel about the secret pact with Camille to them being honest about their feelings, we all think we are settling in on the two of them about to kiss. SIKE, we get that big bombshell that Camille is pregnant, throwing a big loop into any plans between Emily and Gabriel. So while the two of them seem friendly, who knows what’s in store for their relationship.

Who will Emily end up with?

Unfortunately, Emily doesn’t end up with anyone because there is so much in flux. Will the baby cause Emily to see Gabriel in a different light? Does this mean she will give Gabriel space? Or will she end up giving it a try? All of these questions remain unanswered as we eagerly await season 4.

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