Emily in Paris season 3 review – a rich season full of great writing

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Lily Collins is starting to find her form as Emily in Paris is a strong season with some great writing. Also, some incredible fashion!

We review the Netflix series Emily in Paris season 3, which does not contain spoilers.

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your seat belts as we have entered the third season of Emily in Paris. We have quite a few questions that we need to answer this season, including the big one about her future in France. So how does season three live up to the rest? Let’s dive in.

Emily in Paris season 3 review and plot summary

The season began with Emily (Lily Collins) having a dream that included a battle about what she needed to do next. Madeline (Kate Walsh) in one corner and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) in the other, with both explaining why she needed to make a choice that made both of them happy. However, Emily explains to Madeline that she is going to France, but back and forth bickering leads to her falling off a tall building, only to wake up from the dream finally.

We all know that Emily is still trying to get acquainted with Paris’s culture. From the language, work schedule, and balancing her next big move, she kind of struggled with the balance. Now, that didn’t change a whole lot in season three, but I will admit I found her arc in this season to be much more endearing than the past two seasons. Of course, we all love Emily, and her quirkiness, fashion, and spunky attitude that entices us to our weekly watches. However, the more she settled in, the better it looked on her.

Speaking of Emily, in her third season of playing the role, Lily Collins has never been better. Throw out the incredible fashion for a minute and how absolutely stunning she looks, and take a deeper look at the actress. You see someone finding her stride in the role that enhances the script to another level. Then this leads to the storylines being stronger, our investment in her larger, and our wanting to see only the best for Emily. It’s Lily Collins’s best work to date in this role.

Can someone explain how Marylin Fitoussi hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy for Costume Design? Look, we watch this show for several reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is fashion and, more importantly, Emily’s fashion. Her work and ability to keep Emily looking so perfect in each episode is nothing short of brilliant. Please, please, please, Emmy voters, don’t ignore her next year when voting.

The side characters next to Emily Cooper are equally as important in this show working. Another thing I love about the writing is how different Emily is when with almost every character. Each supporting piece raises the level of stakes that come from Emily. Her biggest counterpart throughout the season, Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, might be one of the best rivalries in any current show. Their bickering is hilarious, and Leroy-Beaulieu and Collins have the perfect chemistry to make this work.

Throughout the season, we saw Emily battle so many things. First, losing her man and figuring out how life would be post-Alfie. Then, losing her job and trying to navigate life post-Madeline. But the writing of her putting the pieces back together, and showing that she can tackle everything she put her mind to, made me love this season. I’m trying not to be over the top here, but the writing was top-notch (for this style of show).

Is Emily in Paris season 3 worth watching?

Overall, Emily in Paris fans should be prepared to be happy. Season 3 has some of the best writing of the series to date that works perfectly in Lily Collins finding her form in the role of Emily. The chaotic last three episodes did a great job of setting us up for a fourth season (crossing my fingers).

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