Emily In Paris season 2 review – the popular Netflix series continues to laugh in the face of critics

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 21, 2021 (Last updated: December 31, 2022)
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Netflix Emily In Paris season 2


There’s no doubt that Netflix will keep this series on its roster.

This review of Netflix’s Emily In Paris season 2 does not contain spoilers.

Honestly, and with a straight face, I’m not sure what the problem is in the critics’ community for Emily In Paris. There were many complaints that it “did not represent Paris,” but it felt like a cheap shot; after all, the story follows an American woman trying to navigate a country she’s not familiar with. It’s kind of the point. I don’t think the series fooled anyone with the tagline “an actual depiction.” The series does everything it says on the tin — a Sex in the City type story in Paris, following a woman trying to navigate love, life, and sex. That’s exactly what you get.

There are plenty of suggestions that Emily In Paris is an easy throwaway Netflix series, but says who? What makes the return of this story so fascinating is that it represents the snobbiness of film and television criticism. Worldwide audiences want the likes of Sex/Life and Bridgertonthere’s a whole market out there that wants to be entertained.

And what a better way to platform the beautiful Lily Collins navigating Paris while fending off and embracing love. Season 2 certainly offers a challenge for her character Emily, who, after sleeping with Gabriel, has to end that chapter in her life somehow so she doesn’t hurt her friend’s feelings. Season 2 is juicier, leaving our leading character in an undesired and tense situation. On the one hand, she can’t forget the night of passion she had with Gabriel, but on the other, she needs to stay away from him.

But, putting the core story aside, season 2 of Emily In Paris continues to remain on beat with the luxury marketing firm in the heart of Paris. Emily and her colleagues continue to fight to retain and obtain clients while flirting with a world that is unforgiving and often superficial.

One of the charms of the series is that it sees the ironies in its stereotypes. Making Paris feel like a fantasy is the cornerstone of Emily’s perspective. She is that out-of-touch American, while her French acquaintances live the life they know. It’s still a fascinating mismatch and one that enhances the story.

I’m not going to exaggerate, though; Emily In Paris isn’t the best-made television. It relies on the leading woman Lily Collins to sell the whole concept, and she certainly does well at that. Without her magic, this series would undoubtedly be unwatchable, but there’s this reliance that she is the series, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We need more series like this to resurface where the star takes hold and guides us through a simplistic but entertaining story.

There’s no doubt that Netflix will keep this series on its roster.

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