Emily in Paris season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 2, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Emily in Paris Season 1 Recap
Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris - Image from Netflix


The ending to Emily in Paris season 1 is the last chance saloon for our lead character — episode 10 needs her to buck up her ideas and quick while battling with her burdening love life.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 1, episode 10, “Cancel Couture” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

It’s Paris Fashion Week; Pierre Cadault still will not speak to the agency. Mindy has good news though — she has a singing gig. Mathieu takes Emily out on a boat and they have a romantic day out. He then reveals that Pierre Cadault has not revealed his new collection yet. His father is being dramatic; he’s cancelled his showing at fashion week.

The ending to Emily in Paris season 1 is the last chance saloon for our lead character — episode 10 needs her to buck up her ideas and quick while battling with her burdening love life.

You are fired

In the office, Sylvie is on board with Emily’s ideas for the Fashion Week and Emily doesn’t get the chance to tell her about Pierre Cadault cancelling his show because Antoine walks in. They watch Luc do a presentation and then it is revealed that Pierre Cadault has cancelled the show. Sylvie blames it all on Emily and fires her — “Don’t show your face here ever again”.

Emily is stunned as she stands at her desk. Colleagues tell Emily that it’s impossible to get fired in France. They promise to never desert her and give her tactics to delay her termination.

He’s off to Normandy

There’s one last chance for Gabriel and Emily to happen in the final chapter.

As Emily makes it home, she sees Camille and Gabriel argue. Camille tells Emily that Gabriel that has found a restaurant in Normandy — Emily is as shocked as Camille and tries to offer her words of assurance.

Emily confronts Gabriel about the restaurant. Gabriel says he has to follow his dreams. Emily tells Gabriel that she’s going to miss him. He shows her the restaurant and they admire what he’s managed to buy.

Not yet terminated

Emily goes to the office next day and claims she still has paperwork to do — she’s delaying her dismissal. Luc then offers Emily a job to keep her busy until the termination is complete.

The new collection

Emily finds out The Grey Space took over Pierre Cadault’s old venue — she thinks it’s insulting. Mathieu rings Emily and tells her to meet Pierre immediately. Sylvie goes with her. Pierre shows them her new collection. He calls it the future of Cadault. Emily offers to work on where the venue will be considering they’ve now lost it to The Grey Space.

Emily tells Sylvie that they need to look at things from a different perspective.

The omelette pan

The tension between Gabriel and Emily continues well into the latter stages of the finale.

During the night as Emily thinks of new ideas, Mindy heads over to Emily’s apartment and tells her she has been fired — she needs to stay at hers. Gabriel then comes over and gives Emily a going-away present — the omelette pan; she loves his omelettes. He asks her to come to the restaurant for his last night because he is going to pursue his dreams straight away. He also reveals he and Camille have broken up.

Mindy tells Emily that she needs to do something about it but Emily stops the conversation as she has loads of work to do.

The new Pierre Cadault

The next day is the big day — Pierre Cadault turns up at the Grey Space event — they are hijacking it. The new collection gets off a dumpster truck and the crowd love the new, outlandish style. Grey Space looks on in shock. It’s a success.


Afterwards, Pierre and the marketing team celebrate and go for drinks and a meal at the restaurant Gabriel cooks at. Antoine and his wife show up. The wife tells Emily that she will be a much better fit for her husband which was a confusing line. Afterwards, Mathieu tells Emily that they should celebrate properly — he wants a weekend away with her. Antoine talks to Gabriel about his departure from Paris. He tells Antoine he doesn’t think he has anything left for him in Paris as he looks at Emily and Mathieu.

It’s now closing hours as we reach the closing stages of season 1 — Mathieu tells Gabriel that the food was excellent. Emily tells Mathieu that she’s going to go home. Gabriel thanks Emily for making his last night in Paris memorable. There’s a sadness between them that you can feel eke through the screen — it feels like a holiday that they wanted to last longer. Emily goes back to her apartment and drinks wine to drown the sorrows. She sees the restaurant from the balcony. She knocks on the restaurant door and Gabriel comes outside and they kiss. They head back to Gabriel’s place and have sex.

It was predictable but the series did a good job in prolonging the inevitable.

The ending

Afterwards, Gabriel says he’s thought about having sex with her many times. Emily tells him they shouldn’t see each other again — she doesn’t want to hurt Camille but she’s happy that they’ve had this “one perfect thing”. The audacity of super attractive people in this scene is unreal.

The next day in the office, Sylvie tells Emily that she withdraws the termination but going forward she isn’t going to be easy on her. As the chapter closes, Emily agrees to go away with Mathieu. Emily sees Antoine outside of Gabriel’s old workplace and states he’s here for business. Gabriel then leaves the restaurant with a bottle of champagne — he was meant to be leaving to go to Normandy that morning. Antoine didn’t want Paris to lose their best chef and he made an investment. He’s staying in Paris.

Emily then gets a text from Camille — she wants to talk because Gabriel is staying in Paris. Things just got very complicated — Emily slept with Gabriel at the chance of not seeing him again but now she’s stuck in a situation where she may need to confront a friend if she ever wants to pursue a relationship with Gabriel.

Emily in Paris season 1, episode 10 isn’t the best ending to ever surface on TV but it’s sweet, romantic and offers plenty of ideas for a continuation. Roll on season 2.

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