Gangs of Lagos Ending Explained – does Obalola kill Kazeem?

By Emma Vine
Published: April 8, 2023 (Last updated: last month)

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Amazon Prime Video film Gangs of Lagos, which will contain spoilers.

Amazon Prime Video had a groundbreaking moment on April 7, 2023, with its release of Gangs of Lagos, its first African Original to premiere on the platform.

The gritty crime drama follows three friends, Obalola, Ify, and Gift, as they navigate the streets of Isale Eko, saturated with rival gangs who have ties to influential political leaders.

Gangs of Lagos Ending Explained

Why does Obalola go after Ekun’s gang?

In the aftermath of Ify’s death, a heartbroken and angry Obalola goes after Ekun’s gang to avenge his death, as he believes they are responsible. After a bloody fight that ends in many deaths, Obalola attacks Kash, only to be whacked over the head, knocked out, and tied to a chair.

When he regains consciousness, he is greeted by Ekun, who tells him to calm down, but Obalola scorns him for betraying Ify and killing him. During this interaction, Ekun expresses to Obalola that he has been made to look responsible when Kazeem is the perpetrator.

Ekun then reveals to Obalola that he went to Olorogun and pleaded with him that Kazeem be killed as he was, in fact, the person responsible for London’s death. Kazeem lied, insisting London pulled his gun first, and Ify shot him. Terrible was instructed to kill Ify, but if the task were not carried out, Ekun’s gang would capture Teni.

Ekun then sets Obalola free and tells him that should he want to kill Kazeem, he will have an army waiting to support him when he is ready. Kash disapproves of Obalola but agrees that Kazeem “had it coming for a while, and his time is up.”

What does Terrible reveal to Gift and Obalola?

Gift and Obalola mourn the grief of their friend and are in disbelief after learning that Kazeem had Ify, who was innocent, killed. Obalola assures Gift that he has no loyalty to Kazeem anymore after the brutal murder of Ify and will seek revenge for his death by killing him and all the men involved.

The first step in Obalola and Gift’s plan to avenge Ify’s death is to kill Terrible, but right before Obalola pulls the trigger, Terrible reveals to Obalola that Kazeem was the person who killed his father and was instructed to do so by Olorogun, as he knew too much.

Why does Obalola call his mother?

The next day, an emotional Obalola calls his mother, whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to since he was a young boy. He wants to say goodbye, believing he may be killed when attempting to kill Kazeem and his men. He also reveals to her that he knows who is responsible for his father’s death.

His mother, however, pretends that she doesn’t know anyone by the name he gives. A sad moment for Obalola after not speaking to her for so many years, and she hangs up the phone.

What happens at the afterparty of London’s burial?

Obalola has a meeting with all the gang leaders of Lagos, who agree to avenge Ify’s death and take revenge on Kazeem, who has been deceiving them.

On the day of London’s burial, an afterparty takes place to celebrate his life. During the event, gunfire ensues after Kazeem has an inclining that something is off, and while people in the crowd are shot, he escapes to the roof.

Does Obalola kill Kazeem?

While Kazeem is on the roof, Obalola confronts him and reveals that he knows he killed his father. Kazeem insists that if they are going to fight, they should do so like men and without their guns. Obalola obliges, insisting that he will kill him with bare hands.

After a fistfight that Kazeem wins, he grabs his gun and tells Obalola to say hello to his father for him. However, as Obalola closes his eyes, convinced that he is about to die, Gift storms through the door, shooting Kazeem multiple times.

After Kazeem is shot, he falls backward off the rooftop onto a car in the street below. It is there where a hysterical Teni sees her father lying dead, and as she looks up, she sees Obalola and Gift looking down at her.

In the closing scene, Obalola is at his beach house with his family, where Bamidele visits. The pair now appear allies, joking but also insisting that she will win the upcoming election.

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