Will there be a sequel to Gangs of Lagos?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 10, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)

We discuss whether there will be a Gangs of Lagos 2, a sequel to the 2023 Amazon Prime Video film Gangs of Lagos, and will contain significant spoilers. 

Gangs of Lagos is an Amazon Prime Video film directed by Jadesola Osiberu and written by Jay I. Jegede.

It follows a group of friends growing up on the often dangerous and busy streets of Isale Eko, Lagos.

A massive theme of the film is the street politics that control the lives of the people in the community. Gangs are the real power on the streets, and the residents here have to know their position and follow their rules if they want a quiet life.

Our protagonist is Obalola, the son of the late King of the Streets, Ogunmola, who quickly learns how to flourish in a troubled environment at a young age. Along with his friends Gift and Ify, they steal the bag of a wealthy woman, starting a series of events that we follow in this movie.

Gangs of Lagos sequel potential release date

Gangs of Lagos was the first Amazon Prime African Original film to be released on the platform.

At the time of writing, no sequel has been announced.

Prime Video has signed a three-year deal with Osiberu’s Greoh Studios, so if there is to be a sequel, it will be here before 2026.

The style of filmmaking employed means that there is not a considerable amount of CGI special effects or post-production involved, so if a sequel is green-lit quickly and if filming starts soon, we could have a potential release date around late 2024, possibly early 2025.

Gangs of Lagos sequel cast – who might be in it?

There is a lot of death and carnage in the final act of Gangs of Lagos, so if there is a sequel, there are only a few possibilities for returning characters.

With Obalola and Gift surviving, we expect them to be played by the same actors, Tobi Bakre and Adesua Etomi-Wellington.

Bamidele, played by Toyin Abraham, also survives, so we would expect a return from this actor.

Teni, who witnesses her father’s death at the climax of the film, could also make a return, played by Bimbo Ademoye.

Gangs of Lagos sequel plot: what could Gangs of Lagos 2 be about?

At the conclusion of Gangs of Lagos, a few plot strands could be explored if a sequel is produced.

Oba realized that he was meant to stay in Isale Eko to protect the community he loved, and he was destined to follow the path of his fathers and become Eleniyan, the “owner of men.” This would probably be an arc that could be explored in other stories.

His intention to stop the wars his fathers had started would also feature in a follow-up. As he offered his support to Bamidele Olanrewaju to build a prosperous future for the people of Lagos, this would also offer up plot opportunities.

The death of Kazeem in the final scene, at the hands of Gift, leaves Teni hysterical, and looking up, she sees Obalola and Gift looking down at her, so this, too, could factor into a sequel. People love a revenge story.

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