Crypto Boy Ending Explained – Does Amir get back his investment?

By Lori Meek
Published: October 19, 2023 (Last updated: December 13, 2023)
Crypto Boy Ending Explained - Does Amir get back his investment?

Netflix’s Dutch drama Crypto Boy follows Amir, a young man desperate for his stern father Omar’s approval. Wanting more from life than to keep making deliveries for his dad’s takeaway restaurant, Amir joins a cryptocurrency start-up run by the charismatic entrepreneur Roy. Let’s delve into the ending of Crypto Boy and see what happens to Amir and Omar’s restaurant.

At first, the young man thinks he’s hit the career jackpot. His new job is well-paid, and Roy regularly invites him to parties and exclusive events. Not only does Amir spend most of the runtime brushing off any red flags, but he also invests every cent he makes into the crypto app. 

When it all comes crashing down, the young man is on the brink of losing everything, including his father, who is run over by a car while making deliveries.

Crypto Boy Ending Explained

By the time Roy’s crypto company is exposed for the scam it was, Amir has not only invested his money into the app but also his father’s secret “Burrito” savings. 

When Omar is discharged from the hospital, he attends the homecoming party with all their neighbors that Amir organized for him. As luck would have it, the minute Omar gives Amir a hug and the approval the young man has been craving all along, police officers walk into the restaurant. 

They question Amir about Roy’s Ponzi scheme and reveal Roy used him as a money mule against his will. While Amir is cleared of any wrongdoing by police, his neighbors and father are less forgiving. Especially Bertha, who had invested everything she had in the crypto app. 

Is Omar responsible for Amir’s mistakes?

Omar can’t stand looking at his son, so he goes to Jetty’s house. As soon as Omar starts expressing his disappointment in Amir, Jetty finally calls out the old man. Since his wife’s passing, Omar neglected his son’s needs and was too prideful and stubborn to listen to any of his son’s ideas. 

After hearing about Roy’s release from prison, Amir heads to his former boss’s home and confronts him. At first, Roy seems apologetic and vows to “fix” the situation. 

Does Amir get his investment back?

He eventually shows his true colors and admits he used Amir because he could. Roy has no intention of giving Amir any money back, so the two men get into a physical altercation. They are interrupted by Omar and Ima. 

Back at the restaurant, the father-son duo apologizes to one another for the grief each caused. They may have lost the restaurant and all their money, but at least they’re still together. 

Where do Omar and Amir open their new restaurant?

The next day, Amir wakes up to a sliver of hope; the neighbors who owned the tobacco shop next door have decided to offer Omar the lease to their store. 

Several months later, Omar and Amir’s new takeaway restaurant serving authentic Egyptian food is thriving. It seems the authorities may have located some of the money Amir lost in the Ponzi scheme. 

But more importantly, Crypto Boy’s ending shows how Omar and Amir have mended their relationship and are working together for the success of the new business. 

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